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• 3/16/2019

They should add a page in the locations for Kaylon.

They should, since its a important part of the orville and its basically the plot for a few episodes of the orville.

(Also im new here, so hi.)

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• 3/10/2019

What happened to the fake Leyna Channing/Envali?

So what happened to the fake Leyna Channing/Envall? Last we saw her Dr. Finn and Talla locked her in the guest room and stabilized the room so she won't explode.

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• 3/6/2019

Union ship names

Hello all,

I'm new here, and there's something that's been bothering me since the start of the show. How does Seth name the ships? The ones we know of so far (there are probably more) are the Orville, the Olympia, the Hawking, the Quimby and whatever Halsey's ship is called. What is the common ground between them?

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• 2/27/2019

Page Creation Policy Overhaul


The following is a discussion thread for how we should overhaul the Wiki's current policy for page creation as discussed in the Manual of Style. As of right now the majority of users and even staff on the Wiki don't have a clear understanding of what is and isn't allowed, or what the we should strive to create.

In order to move forward our community must come together for a Consensus and discuss what kind of pages will and won't be allowed on the Orville Wiki.

With that said, this is not designed to be a simple vote but rather a discussion thread for how to improve the Wiki and its page creation standards. Please respect this by giving evidence and reasons for any and all positions that are supported here.

Thank you.

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• 2/22/2019

Isaac Was Infected With A Virus

Time for another theory.

I think when the Kaylon reactivated Isaac with that gizmo they pressed on his chest infected him with a virus that turn him against the Orville crew. Or more precisely, they restore his anti-bios feelings. I think Ty Finn was right when he said Isaac did have feelings for the crew. Isaac developed them from being on the Orville. His original plan was to help the Kaylon learn more about the bios to help the Kaylon take over Earth. Notice how his eyes are blue compare to the other Kaylon whose eyes are red. The Kaylon shut Isaac down not because his observation was complete, but they detect that his "weakness" love for the bios that will interfere with the original plans of him helping them take over Earth. That means next episode something will cause Isaac to overcome the virus and join the Orville crew again against his fellow Kaylon.

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• 2/16/2019

Representing Species

Suggestion: Assess and possibly change how we represent species in the first and foremost image, that of the infobox. Of course, a good deal of species are represented by a single individual so there is not much alternative there, but what I am focusing on here is the "Big Four" (Humans, Moclans, Xelayans, Krill).

As it stands now, the Big Four are represented by the following basic images.

Human: A promotional image of Ed Mercer.

Moclan: A promotional image of Bortus.

Xelayan: A promotional image of Alara Kitan.

NOTE: Pretty much the same images are used on the respective character pages. As Season 1 promotional images, they could perhaps be replaced with newer images, but that's another matter.

Krill: A trio of soldiers from ''Old Wounds''. If I remember correctly, the image is infact the very first glimpse of the Krill seen in the initial trailer. With that in mind, Krill may be in most need of a change, depending on how you look at it.

The point I am trying to make is, perhaps it would be more prudent to replace the existing images with more diverse views of the respective species. I would welcome thoughts on this topic as I myself am not sure exactly how to proceed. While I, for one, would like to see more diverse representative images, I do understand that a point could be made to retain the existing images as they appear; especially in the case of Moclan and Xelayan since their images, as with the vast majority of species pages, fulfill a simple purpose in that they feature a single example of the race, clearly displaying their external differences from humans. In any case, I have already prepared several candidates for each.


Human team.jpg

Humans on bridge.jpg

Witnessing Moclus.jpg


My ideal image for humans would have all five main characters (Ed, Kelly, Gordon, John and Claire).

1. A cropped promotional image from ''Mad Idolatry'', featuring Kelly, Ed, John, and Gordon (excluding Alara). A very good image as all four are in clear view, though Dr. Finn is absent.

2. A cropped screenshot from ''Old Wounds'', featuring Ed, Kelly, Gordon, John, Claire, and Dr. Aronov. Pro: All five characters featured as well as a guest. Con: Uneven focus.

3. A screenshot from ''About a Girl'' featuring all five of our humans as well as Alara. Pro: All five main characters clearly shown. Con: With all due respect to Alara, she would not belong in the profile for humans, but her appearance in this image can easily be handwaved in the caption.


Moclan fam.jpg

Moclans exclaiming Ja'loja.jpg

Bortus fam dinner.jpg

Moclan Tribunal Jury.jpg


1. Celebrating Bortus' birthday. While this would be a "nice" image to use, one must ask if the use of a such "happy families" image would be appropriate/accurate here considering the various in-universe controversies regarding the Moclans and the friction between Bortus and Klyden.

2. Klyden, Topa, and two other Moclans celebrating Bortus' Ja'loja. Pro: Features Moclans partaking in one of their traditional rituals. Con: No Bortus.

3. Bortus' family at the dinner table. An alternative, perhaps more "real" look at the family.

4. The Moclan tribunal. Pro: Reflects the male-dominated Moclus. Con: No Bortus or family.


Kitan family.jpg

Kitan family photo.jpg


1. The assembled Kitan family (while held at gunpoint by the Borrins).

2. Alara's happy family photo. Pro: Depending on how you look at it (in contrast to the Moclan family question above), featuring them here may be more appropriate than the former image, where their distress is visible. Con: Neither main character (Alara or Talla) is visible (at least in their recognizable form).


Krill rise.jpg

Krill church.jpg

Sazeron and Haros.jpg

Krill 2.04.jpg



1. Krill at service (including both males and females (including Telaya, the most prolific Krill character), as well as "Chris and Devon").

2. Complete Krill audience. Pro: Most diverse (features both genders, both soldiers and religious officials, and notable characters. Con: Perhaps this gathering may be too large.

3. Promotional image of High Priest Sazeron and Captain Haros. Pro: Features two notable characters with distinct positions. Con: No Telaya.

4. Krill captain and two soldiers as seen in 2x04. Pro: A fine representation of the Krill as "bad guys". Con: No Telaya, and perhaps it would not do ''The Orville'' justice to want to present the Krill as simply "baddies".

5. The Krill soldier in the shuttle from ''Old Wounds''. (Represents a single individual as with the current state of the human, Moclan and Xelayan articles.)

In any case, some of these candidate images would fit well on their respective pages should they be deemed unworthy of the infobox.

NOTE: Though a major species, Kaylon are as yet only represented by Isaac. However, as we may well be visiting the planet later on in Season 2, we may potentially have a new image for the Kaylon on our hands as well.

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• 2/11/2019


The Kobali are one of the most technologically advanced species in charted space, and like the Calivon, view those around them as physically and mentally inferior. Because of that, other species find the Kobali to be equally condescending and a-moral like the Calivon. However, the Kobali do treat other advanced species as moral equals, such as the Kaylon and the Calivon.

The Kobali are a humanoid species from the planet Kobali III. They outwardly resembled very attractive humans with blonde hair, but their blood chemistry is cobalt(II) oxide-aluminium oxide, or cobalt(II) aluminate, CoAl2O4 and have a six-lobed brain and a binary cardiovascular system instead of a singular cardiovascular system.

Kobali III (picture below)

Post image
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• 2/3/2019

Audio Files of Quotes

Inspired by Wookieepedia's use of ogg. audio files, I propose that [[Template:Quote]] be modified with the option to attach an audio file. I have already made a handful of Orville quote files and, if accepted, would upload them to be used here. I have found that such a modification could easily be applied to the current revision of the Template, indeed, I have already made a sucessful test on another Wiki.

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• 2/2/2019

USS Hofstadter (HCV-254)

USS Hofstadter (HCV-254) is a Union starship that's named after Richard Hofstadter (August 6, 1916 – October 24, 1970) was an American historian and public intellectual of the mid-20th century.

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• 2/2/2019

Dracula 1931 should be in The Orville as a cultural reference.

Bela Lugosi films should be seen on The Orville along with Boris Karloff films.

Dracula (1931) - Trailer
Dracula (1931) - Trailer YouTube
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• 2/2/2019
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Headline News (Parody of "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm")
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Headline News (Parody of "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm") YouTube
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• 1/31/2019

Which actress do you prefer in the Orville?

  • halston sage
  • jessica szohr
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• 1/22/2019

On hyvä TV sarjan 📺💗

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• 1/21/2019


The ultimate megathread for all discussions pertaining to the Wiki's development and evolution.

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• 1/19/2019


Ok... Someone PLEASE tell me that Captain Mercer's code in S2E4 has some greater secret meaning!!! I can't allow myself to believe it doesn't. I see a 42 in there, which I have to hope is obvious, but I need to know what it all means!!! I.can't.sleep.

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• 1/12/2019

Alara and the Jar of Pickles

I read on an Orville Fan Page on Facebook that Alara gave Ed an unopened Jar of Pickles signifying that she'll be back to open that jar of pickles for Ed. What do you guys think? Will Alara be back for future episodes?

Will Alara Come Back to The Orville's Future Seasons.
  • Yes, Alara will come back.
  • No, Alara will not come back.
  • She will come back only as guest appearances.
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• 1/10/2019

Almost Everybody at Least a Lieutenant

I notice almost every rank character we've seen in the series so far is at least a Lieutenant. I think we've only met one Ensign so far. So not many newly Union Point graduates is assign to the Orville. Just commenting on that.

Captain Mercer

Commander Grayson

Lieutenant Commander Bortus

Lieutenant Commander (originally Lieutenant) Lamarr

Lieutenant Commander Finn

Lieutenant Commander Newton

Lieutenant Kitan

Lieutenant Malloy

Lieutenant Yaphit

Lieutenant Dann

Lieutenant Tyler

Lieutenant Unk

Lieutenant Park

I only remember Ensign Turco.

I know I missed some but most are just extras and most were also at least Lieutenant.

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• 12/31/2018

There should be a planet called Jaconda.

Jaconda is the home planet of the Jacondans and is a verdant world overseen by a Mestor (Jacondan planetary title for supreme leader of Jaconda).

Jacondans are a race of bird-like humanoids from Jaconda. Jacondans are humanoids with large, pointed noses, grey skin, feathers instead of hair and small horns growing from their brows. These feathers came in a wide variety of styles and lengths and grew in the same places as eyebrows, moustaches and beards. They reproduced by laying eggs.

They're are aware of Retepsians and Krill.

Jacondan ships are equipped with rudimentary quantum drives (i.e. their ships can only go 5 light years per 10 hours, and have deflector screens as well as tractor beams.)

Jaconda exists further away from Union space.

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• 12/31/2018

Lieutenant Janel Gillis Should Be a Krill Spy

Since Lieutenant Janel Gillis and Teleya are played by the same actress (Michaela McManus) I think they should have a storyline where they are actually one of the same and that Gillis is an actually Krill spy. For those who may not remember, in Season 1, Ed and Gordon impersonated as Krills and infiltrated a Krill ship to steal the Krill holy book. Ed became friend with a Krill name Teleya, but became enemies after he killed everyone aboard the Krill ship. In Season 2 premier tonight, we first introduced to Lieutenant Janet Gillis, a normal human being, who at the end seems to hint to be interest in Ed. The storyline will be kind of reverse of Season 1. Teleya impersonate as Gillis, a human, to board, the Orville. She pretends to be in love with Ed to sabotage the Orville. But of course she isn't successful. Probably Kelly will step in to stop her.

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• 12/19/2018

Questions for Seth?

Do you have questions for Seth Macfarlane? Fandom may be asking Seth a few questions about The Orville this Thursday. Think about fun and interesting questions that you'd like to personally know, and especially any questions that could be posed from the unique perspective of this fan community -- it's okay to ask deep cut stuff about characters, lore, world-building, etc. Just drop your Qs in the comments. Thanks!

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