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The Sections of the Planetary Union were first revealed in the press kit's informational booklet.

The 2017 press kits were limited-release promotional boxes given by Fox in preparation for the nation-wide premiere of The Orville in September, 2017.

All press kits contained an informational booklet on the show, a metal water bottle, a black laptop sleeve, and a letter written by Admiral Halsey, given to attendees of Fox's August, 2017, press tour.

Exclusive press kits given to members of the Television Critics Association contained an additional DVD of episodes Old WoundsCommand Performance, and About a Girl.

General contentsEdit

Press kits contain a booklet was titled "Planetary Union Central The Orville Space Travel Manual."[1] It has a page with the Season 1 promotional photographs of each main character and another page with a description of the ranks of each section:[2] Command, Science, Medical, Engineering, and Security. The booklet's obverse side displays the Union's circular emblem.[3]

In-Universe Message Edit

The kit holds an enlistment letter written by Admiral Halsey to a young graduate from Union Point (written from the perspective that the kit's recipient is the new graduate), which is most notable in that it ties the start of Ed Mercer's career as Captain of the USS Orville to September 10, 2419. The letter confirms that the show's canonical start mirrors the start of the show; The Orville premieres and the USS Orville embarks on September 10, separated by 402 years.

Welcome Space Cadet!
You have graduated from Union Point and now are prepared to serve onboard one of the Planet Union's 3,000 Ships.[n 1] Get ready for the greatest space adventure of your life!
Your first post will be on the U.S.S. Orville, a mid-level exploratory vessel, led by the newly promoted Captain Ed Mercer.
Before reporting for your new assignment on Sunday, Sept. 10, familiarize yourself with the contents of the enclosed materials.[n 2]
--- Admiral Halsey[4]

2017 Television Critics Association press kit Edit

A novel press kit was given by Fox to Television Critics Association members during their summer press tour in August.[5] The kit contained all of the items of the generic press kit but also a DVD with the first three episodes of the season. The purpose of the kit was to allow a small bevy of professional critics to review the show in advance of its premiere.

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Notes Edit

  1. The name "Planet Union" is a misspelling. The title of the Union was "Planetary Union" since April, 2016.
  2. The actual day of September 10, 2419, will be a Tuesday.

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