A Planetary Step is a fan film by J1 Studios released on YouTube on April 7, 2020.

Commander David Gerald has been offered a promotion but must overcome his doubts if he is to assume the captain's chair.

A Planetary Step was written by Eric Moran, Brian Terranova, and Justin Poole and directed by Jason Richardson. Justin Poole of Egotastic FunTime joined as David's friend Alex and as the narrator.

A Planetary Step

A Planetary Step

Plot Edit

Lorraine Emmett greets David Gerald in his office, elated to be be promoted to captain of the USS Starlight. The Planetary Union's admiralty has offered David a similar promotion four times, but he turned them down each time. David is riddled with self-doubt, worried that the offers were extended merely because his powerful father pulled strings behind the scenes on his behalf. Lorraine cautions that if he continues to decline command, Planetary Union Central will stop offering the job.

David calls his friend Alex. Alex is excited to hear that Admiral Perry offered him captaincy of the USS Eisenberg. David begins to speak about his self-doubt again, but Alex cuts him off and emphasizes that he is more than qualified for command.

David calls Perry and accepts command of the Eisenberg.

Production Edit

The Making of "A Planetary Step"

The Making of "A Planetary Step"

A mini-documentary The Making of 'A Planetary Step' was released on April 10, 2020 featuring interviews with the actors and the director Jason Richardson.

According to writer Eric Moran, the purpose of A Planetary Step was to encourage others to make fan films of The Orville.[1]

Trivia Edit

Cast Edit

  • Eric Moran as David Gerald
  • Joe Colton as Lorraine Emmett
  • Justin Poole as Alex
  • Justin Poole as Narrator
  • John Royster as Admiral Perry

References Edit

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