I don't take orders from Union goons.— Blavaroch[1]
Blavaroch (credits: Horbalak Captain) was a Horbalak smuggler and captain encountered by the USS Orville.

Before his death, Blavaroch transported guns stolen from the Krill from Krill territory into the Planetary Union's. He died in 2420 when his ship passed through a two-dimensional spatial anomaly.


After the Orville's engines are damaged by passing through a spatial anomaly, they detect Blavaroch's vessel about to make the same journey. Captain Ed Mercer attempts to explain the danger to him, but Blavaroch replies that his sensors detect no spatial anomaly and maintains course.

After passing through anomaly, Blavaroch's vessel is completely powerless, adrift in space. The Orville sends an investigative team and finds him dead in his chair. Apparently crushed by two-dimensional space.

Lieutenant Alara Kitan discovers crates of stolen Krill weapons, and Mercer understands why Blavaroch ignored their warning.


  • Blavaroch is listed as simply Horbalak Captain in the credits, though he does say his name to Captain Mercer. Thankfully, the spelling of his name is revealed in the book The World of the Orville.[2]


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