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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 30 August 2019

Third parties and articles

Several months ago, the community had a discussion about whether or not we should retain a dedicated page for the Quantum Drive podcast. From that discussion came about a "factors test" to determine whether a third party met was notable and relevant enough to have their own page. The two factors are:

(1) The degree of dedication to covering content on The Orville. E.g., a general audience magazine like Entertainment Weekly has little dedication to covering the show, even though it has covered The Orville in the past, while the Planetary Union Network is exclusively dedicated to the show.
(2) The nature of the content provided by the podcast. Reviews of episodes or general discussion has little noteworthy content. Breaking and exclusive news …
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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 16 May 2019

Sci-fi and Star Trek work in progress

Commentators have compared The Orville with other science fiction project since at least July 2017.

Ref: "The Orville Producers Interview (Comic Con)". Showbiz Junkies. July 28, 2017.

The show's liberal mix of comedy with drama sometimes confused reviewers who wondered if the show was an homage to previous science fiction or a parody.The executive producers have distanced the show from one particular franchise, citing not only Star Trek but Lost in Space;

Ref: The Orville Fan Podcast w/ Bruce Broughton (07). Planetary Union Network. Oct. 30, 2017.

The Twilight Zone;

Ref: Pascale, Anthony. "Interview: Brannon Braga On How ‘The Orville’ Pays Tribute To Star Trek While Setting A New Course". Sept. 17, 2017.

and, while never explicitly …

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 27 April 2019

Alternate timelines

What to do with alternate timeline versions of characters and objects like the USS Orville? There are two alternate timelines: the original timeline in Pria and now the "Kelly"-timeline in 

My idea is a heading towards the bottom of a page titled Alternate timelines. This heading would not be necessary for people or objects only found in an alternate timeline. We should probably agree on titles for sub-headings of each alternate timeline.

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Numberspokevp Numberspokevp 14 April 2019

The Council

With the new council episode i thought I would do my part while watching and after checking here. I got the best possible shots i could get, of the council members seated in lower chairs. (who were not of established races) as well as the best shots i got of the non-face-to-face seated. Of course anyone can help scrub the episode for more well defined aliens, man this show likes putting someone in makeup for 3 hours to hide them in an audience 1-19 : Xelayan, Human, ..., Lurenek, ..., ..., Moclan. ..., Retepsian, ...........................

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Jeffrobodeenie26 Jeffrobodeenie26 22 March 2019

Smoke on a space ship

So im just much money the creator of the oriville got paid for the smoking scene on todays show ? Did he even make anything for it?or better yet would accept money for it!

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SinsofMan SinsofMan 1 March 2019


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MrThermomanPreacher MrThermomanPreacher 16 February 2019

Representing Species

Suggestion: Assess and possibly change how we represent species in the first and foremost image, that of the infobox. Of course, a good deal of species are represented by a single individual so there is not much alternative there, but what I am focusing on here is the "Big Four" (Humans, Moclans, Xelayans, Krill).

As it stands now, the Big Four are represented by the following basic images.

  • Human: A promotional image of Ed Mercer.
  • Moclan: A promotional image of Bortus.
  • Xelayan: A promotional image of Alara Kitan.

NOTE: Pretty much the same images are used on the respective character pages. As Season 1 promotional images, they could perhaps be replaced with newer images, but that's another matter.

  • Krill: A trio of soldiers from Episode 1x01: Old W…
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MrThermomanPreacher MrThermomanPreacher 9 February 2019

Observations of the Orville Universe

  • 1 Dating
  • 2 How long have we known our alien friends?
  • 3 How old is the Planetary Union?
  • 4 How big is the Planetary Union
  • 5 How big is the Union fleet?
  • 6 The Galaxy and reach of the Union

While the premiere technically opens in the year 2418, the series proper begins as Ed Mercer takes command of the in September 2419. With regards to Star Trek, this year would be.

  • Ten years following the beginning of Star Trek: Online. Though officially non-canon, the setting of this game makes it the closest thing to a Star Trek: The Next Next Generation series, at least before Picard returns.
  • Forty years following Star Trek: Nemesis.
  • 149 years following Captain Kirk's five-year mission.
  • 258 years following the founding of the United Federation of Planets.
  • 356 years after Zefram…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 29 December 2018

Quantum bubble

This will undoubtedly get turned into an article in Season 2 This is just a filler page for info on it.

Andre Bormanis said it is "a little space-time bubble" where the laws of physics are not violated. Space and time are manipulated inside the bubble to achieve amazing results at the macroscopic level.


"One thing you won't see on The Orville is a transporter, Star Trek's iconic means of teleportation. According to Bormanis, the writers on the original Star Trek invented the transporter because they didn't have the special effects budget to show shuttle craft landing on an alien world every week—plus it kept the narrative pa…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 28 December 2018

Timeline (production)

The following is a production timeline of The Orville. At the moment, this blog post serves only as an aide to other editors but there is a non-zero chance it may grow into its own article one day.

  • 1 Until late 2015: Very early development
    • 1.1 2011
    • 1.2 2015
  • 2 2016: Early development
    • 2.1 March
    • 2.2 April
    • 2.3 Undated order of events from April until June
    • 2.4 June to October
    • 2.5 July
    • 2.6 August
    • 2.7 October
    • 2.8 After October
    • 2.9 Late November
    • 2.10 December
  • 3 2017: Season 1
    • 3.1 January
    • 3.2 April
    • 3.3 May
    • 3.4 June
    • 3.5 July
    • 3.6 Late July or early August
    • 3.7 August
    • 3.8 September
    • 3.9 October
    • 3.10 November
    • 3.11 December
  • 4 2018: Season 2
    • 4.1 January
    • 4.2 February
    • 4.3 March
    • 4.4 May
    • 4.5 Mid-summer until July
    • 4.6 June
    • 4.7 July
    • 4.8 August
    • 4.9 October
    • 4.10 November
    • 4.11 December
  • 5 2019: Season 2 airs
    • 5.1 January

  • Seth MacFarlane was inter…

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Blizzard1289 Blizzard1289 26 August 2018

Staff Consensus

Hello, fellow Orville fans!

As we begin moving into the calm autumn season a mere couple months before Season 2's premiere, I believe we should have another community discussion in regards to Wiki policy. In particular, the staff page I have been working on. These policies, if approved, will carefully define all of the privileges, responsibilities, and limitations that are expected of from the Wiki's staff members.

This consensus is meant to be a community discussion on the suggested policies. While we won't disallow a simple yes or no vote every user has the right to express their opinion on this, no matter how nuance. If there are certain parts of the blueprint one supports but others they oppose, make that heard! This document is open to f…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 23 June 2018

Unsorted Orville information

This post is intended to catalogue unsorted information about The Orville. This refers to in-universe information or trivia about the show that has not yet been incorporated into any articles.

Information and trivia about the show's production is inappropriate for this post.

  • 1 Characters
    • 1.1 Ed
  • 2 Season 1
    • 2.1 Old Wounds
    • 2.2 Command Performance
    • 2.3 About a Girl
    • 2.4 If the Stars Should Appear
    • 2.5 Pria
    • 2.6 Krill
    • 2.7 Majority Rule
    • 2.8 Into the Fold
    • 2.9 Cupid's Dagger
    • 2.10 New Dimensions
    • 2.11 Mad Idolatry
  • 3 References

Ed wears cologne and plucks his eyebrows and "accidentally" touches hands when he wants to woo someone. He attempted this on Kelly in their relationship and later on Darulio. Kelly calls it his "stupid moves."

Ed and Gordon leave Earth by shuttle at 9:00 AM for t…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 27 May 2018

Source material: Season 1 response

In this post, the reactions of the cast and crew to Season 1 ratings and reviews go here. A number of reaction quotes can be found already incorporated into the pages The Orville and Old Wounds. Those quotes will not be added here. Instead, the purpose of this post is posterity, to be a resource for future editors.

  • 1 2017
    • 1.1 October
      • 1.1.1 After Pria
  • 2 References

At the New York Comic Con, WithAnAccentTV asked Brannon Braga and David A. Goodman, "What's the feedback been?"

  • Goodman: I mean, the feedback's been great. I think the audience is really responding. Ratings have been great. Fox really did a great job promoting the show so people could find it, which obviously helps. In an environment of 450 television shows, to have Fox behind you is very hel…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 18 May 2018

Source material: Star Trek

In a series of blog posts, I will place important source material that may be used later but is not currently in use. Material directly relating to The Orville and Star Trek goes here.

  • 1 Production of The Orville
    • 1.1 2017
      • 1.1.1 July
  • 2 References

  • Showbiz Junkies asks executive producers Brannon Braga, David A. Goodman, and Jason Clark how the show draws inspiration from Star Trek without crossing a line:
    • Goodman: "That's a really good question and it's something we talk about all the time, but the thing about it is, Seth created - when people see the pilot - they are going to see this is original. Even though there are influences like every television show on television is influenced by shows that came before it, this show - however much it was influ…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 8 May 2018

Creating battle pages

I believe it is time to create more event pages, such as the Battle Over Epsilon 2, Raid of Chara 3, Battle over Kastra 4, Krill Attack on Rana 3, Capture of the Yakar, etc...

This will allow us to write more concise, appropriate articles for characters that can link to the main event page for more details. This change will put us in line with other major Wikias, and better prepare us for Season 2.

I open this up to comments in the hopes that a Consensus will be created----either in favor or against this proposal.

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 30 April 2018

The Orville interviews

The Orville interviews are informational discussions with cast and staff behind the production of the show The Orville. Interviews can consist of simple round table discussions or more in-depth conversations between an interviewer and the subject. "Incorporation?" answers the question of whether the interview's information has been incorporated into the Wiki. I air on the side of caution, so some of these interviews may have been incorporated already. 

  • 1 Interviews
    • 1.1 2017
      • 1.1.1 April
      • 1.1.2 May
      • 1.1.3 July
      • 1.1.4 August
      • 1.1.5 September
      • 1.1.6 October
      • 1.1.7 November
      • 1.1.8 December
      • 1.1.9 Undated
    • 1.2 2018
      • 1.2.1 January
      • 1.2.2 February
      • 1.2.3 March
      • 1.2.4 April
      • 1.2.5 May
      • 1.2.6 June
      • 1.2.7 July
      • 1.2.8 August
      • 1.2.9 Undated

This month saw San Diego Comic Con 2017, the first major push to publicize …

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 23 April 2018

The Orville and Star Trek

First, to all who have helped on this Wiki, I want to say thank you. As we head into the wonderful summer, we still have pages to edit and material to add, but thankfully we are starting to round third base here and slide into home. Of course, our good work is never truly finished, but we've come a heck of a long way since this show first premiered and you have yourselves to thank.

Moving along, I wanted to pose this idea to the larger community: What would you think about a page devoted to the connection of Star Trek with the Orville? Seth MacFarlane and others have explicitly said that the show is meant as an homage, but there's more to say. There are several categories of Star Trek information we should document:

  1. References to older Star …
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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 7 February 2018

Season 1 Episode pages finally "complete"


With the publication of my edits to Old Wounds, I have gone through all episode of Season 1. When I started on this project back in late December, I never imagined it would take this long.

The pages of each of the episodes of the first season have been rounded out with information in each of the major categories. Of course, as new information is discovered and new fans come along with important things to say, the pages will continue to be fleshed out. The work will never "end," only get better and better as time goes on.

That being said, I feel like the community reached a milestone tonight. Now we can focus on completing the remaining main cast pages.

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Blizzard1289 Blizzard1289 28 January 2018

General Guidelines Consensus

Hello, fellow Orville fans!

I have just finished writing up a draft for proposed General Guidelines that can be implemented on the Wiki!

Anyone in the community can give the link above a read and express their opinions on it.

It is important to understand that this is not a simple yes or no vote. This Consensus is meant to highlight an full fledged discussion on all aspects of the suggested policies. If there are certain areas one agrees with and others they think are less so that is an entirely legitimate point to stand by. Or if someone simply likes/dislikes the entire blueprint as a whole that is also acceptable position.

Even if this is supported there can be follow up discussions if something needs to added, redacted, certain policies are…

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 17 January 2018

The World of the Orville is Out! What that means for us.

I'm sure the more ardent fans among you are already aware, but a book on The Orville has been released: The World of the Orville. I haven't had a chance to pick up a copy yet, but I've read a number of pages from scans and it looks fantastic.

The book is officially licensed. That means the information inside comes from the creators of the show themselves, and has the weight of canon. 

That's great news because we are likely at the cusp of a major information overhaul. Judging from the comments from those who own the book, a great many details regarding the ship and the characters are found within. We are going to need to update all of the pages.

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Blizzard1289 Blizzard1289 16 January 2018

The Orville Wiki is on Twitter!

As of yesterday, The Orville Wiki has an official twitter page! It will be operated mostly by myself, and will be our platform to highlight featured articles on the Wiki, retweet important news regarding the show, and to interact one on one with the community that helped make The Orville so amazing.

If you have a Twitter Account, feel free to follow us @Orville_Wikia or tweet #TheOrvilleWiki. Outside the Twittersphere, my Message Board is always open to proposals on what should be posted, any user has the right to make suggestions.

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UnionPointDropout UnionPointDropout 11 January 2018

The Orville nominated for its first award!

Good news, Orvillains. The show was just nominated by the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards for Best Special Makeup Effects in Television .

Personally, I think the work of Howard Berger and the rest of the make-up team was simply amazing, so they should have this award locked up. (But I'm a little biased.) 

Of course, now we need to create a template for awards!

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Blizzard1289 Blizzard1289 20 November 2017

Manual of Style Consensus

Hello fellow Orville fans!

As some might be aware I've spent the last couple of months writing a blueprint for the Wiki's Manual of Style. Recently it's been completed and now the decision to actually implement this as our first official policy falls upon you, the community, to decide.

Feel free to read what's written and discuss it within this blogs comment section. On this Wiki we value dialogue and thoughtful action over a simple support/oppose vote. We aren't Sargas 4, there are many more options than just an up or down vote. If there are sections or policies stated in the article that one either doesn't think would benefit our community or doesn't fully understand, do not hesitate to speak your mind and voice your opinion on the matter,…

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JD Bigs JD Bigs 13 October 2017


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Love Robin Love Robin 1 October 2017

USS Wilbur?

The concept of the USS Wilbur, a sister (or "brother") ship to the Orville, named for the other Wright Brother, was first suggested among some of the online reviewers.

The suggested idea is for the Wilbur to be crewed by a more competent crew to act as the Orville Crew's foil.

What ideas would you like to see for the USS Wilbur?

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