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Brandon Fayette is a visual effects supervisor for Season 3 of The Orville. He was digital effects supervisor for Seasons 1 and 2.

Background Edit

Fayette started his career in 2007 as a previs artist with Halon Entertainment (which also works as a production company on The Orville) on the movie Evan Almighty. He soon became a visual effects consultant on movies and films, including on 2009's Star Trek. He later worked as an animator on Star Trek: Into Darkness, a computer graphics supervisor on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a digital artist on Star Trek: Beyond.

The Orville Edit

Fayette designed a number of digitally rendered creatures and objects in the show. One of his most notable creations was the Krill destroyer, which he modeled off of the Krill shuttlecraft.[2] An existing model of the destroyer already existed but Fayette replaced it with a version that would better parallel the Krill's oppressive and spartan architecture.[2] He worked with production designer Stephen J. Lineweaver and fellow artist Kit Stølen on the Krill bridge.[3]

Fayette designed most of the futuristic world of New York City in the 25th century, making the city a melange of old and new buildings and resplendent gardens. He envisioned the air to be filled with Lineweaver's commuter pods and a vast monorail (designed with visual effects supervisor Luke McDonald).[4]

We pitched this idea of doing gardens everywhere and in the opening shot from the pilot we do that. I pitched starting with the Statue of Liberty and Luke wanted to add a monorail, and as the pod is going through New York the sun is starting to set and it's always about clean buildings. Since the Union Fleet has ships that are very organic, we can't just have buildings that are squared off, so we took a mix of old brownstones and old New York buildings and mixed them in with new buildings like space needle buildings that were more curved.[4]
Fayette also designed the Benzian species and Doctor Jorvik, both based on original sketches by creator Seth MacFarlane.[5]

Season 3 Edit

Fayette was made visual effects supervisor while in pre-production for Season 3.[6]

Awards Edit

For their work on Identity, Pt. 2, the Emmy Awards announced that Fayette; visual effects supervisors Luke McDonald, Tommy Tran, Kevin Lingenfelser, and Nhat Phong Tran; visual effects producers Brooke Noska and Melissa Delong; computer graphics supervisor Matt Von Brock; and compositing supervisor Joseph Vincent Pike would be collectively nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects.[7]

For that same episode, the Hollywood Professional Association Awards awarded Fayette, Noska, Tran, Lingenfelser, and digital effects supervisor Joseph Vincent Pike with Outstanding Visual Effects - Episodic (Over 13 Episodes).[8][9]

Trivia Edit

  • Fayette makes a sneak cameo as a party guest in Laura Huggins house in the episode Lasting Impressions.
  • Fayette's work often overlaps all visual effects despite Fayette's position being "digital effects." In reality, his job requirements cover all effects but, for legal purposes, could not share McDonald's title of visual effects supervisor.[10]

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