The "Builders" were a race of organic lifeforms native to Kaylon 1 and the creators of the Kaylon people.

History Edit

Initially, the Builders constructed the machines that would become the Kaylons to perform simple tasks. As the Kaylons continued to become more and more advanced and evolve, however, they attained consciousness, becoming self-aware. The Kaylons petitioned the Builders for equal rights only to be harshly denied. The Builders then began building pain simulators within their servants so they could be punished for bad behaviour. Eventually the Kaylons rebelled, turning on the Builders and wiping them out completely. As the Kaylon rebuilt their world, they disposed of the Builders in a series of underground caverns scattered across the planet, each grave holding thousands of corpses.

In the 25th century, the crew of the USS Orville, after returning Isaac to Kaylon 1, found the Builders' remains and the Kaylon plans for expansion, the Kaylon Primary justifying his people's actions by citing the actions of the Builders, later comparing their treatment of their creations to the slave-drivers in the human text Roots.

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