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Minor Species
Name Episode Appearance
Janisi Episode 2x05: All the World is Birthday Cake (mentioned only)
Keribex Episode 2x01: Ja'loja (mentioned only)
A species distinguished in that they have two heads. John LaMarr once dated both heads of a Keribex for about two months in 2419, with neither head finding out about the other one. Ultimately, however, LaMarr ended the relationship as the left head always wanted to go hiking, which was "sort of a deal-breaker" for him.
Olix's species Ja'loja
All the World is Birthday Cake
Identity, Pt. 1
A fairly common, if as-yet unnamed species. Olix's species is an official member of the Planetary Union.[1] These people are reptilian humanoids with two horns, a thick protective skin, and two elongated nasal cavities. The only named member is Olix, but two representatives attend the Planetary Union Council meeting on the Moclan sanctuary.[1]
Unk's species Primal Urges
The species is renowned for their pornographic simulations, which are highly prized in the galaxy. They speak directly in an alien tongue that is not translated directly. The species is bipedal with six limbs, four fingers, and no readily observable eyes. The most notable member is Unk, an Engineer on the USS Orville.
Thetan Episode 2x07: Deflectors (mentioned only)
Native to Theta Draconis 4. Bortus realized that Locar was a heterosexual when he found him with a Thetan woman.


Unidentified Edit

Unnamed species (mentioned only) Edit

Description Episode Appearance
A simulated Xelayan woman in LaMarr 3594 describes an alien with organs external to his body. Ja'loja

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