The Chak'tal (SHAK.tal , /ʃak.tʰal/) are an alien species bordering Krill space. According to Teleya, the Chak'tal "are savage and do not retreat and they never leave survivors."[1]

Biology Edit

Chak'tal are a humanoid species with red eyes, skin of various shades of brown with blue-gray splotches on the head, a prominent ridge on the crown of the skull, pointed ears, and a short, stubby nose. While searching for Captain Ed Mercer and Teleya in the forest of an unnamed habitable planet, they actively sniff the air for their scent, implying a heightened sense of smell.

Relations with the Krill Edit

Chak'tal entered a state of open conflict with the Krill after the destruction of a colony during Krill expansion into their sector. Teleya adds, "[The area] is ours by divine right, but they do not see this."[1]

In late 2420, several Chak'tal warship destroy a Krill destroyer and three Marauder-class fighters just 2.5 light years from Planetary Union space.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the spelling, the name Chak'tal is pronounced SHAK.tal (/ʃak.tʰal/).

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References Edit

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