Claire Finn is a doctor and the Chief Medical Officer on the Orville.

Most ships' doctors aren't as patient as I am. Excuse the pun.Claire Finn[1]

The Chief Medical Officer was a position in the Planetary Union in charge of the Medical section aboard a vessel. The position was usually filled by a commissioned officer of Lieutenant Commander rank, below Commander and above Lieutenant. Chief Medical Officers were personally responsible for overseeing all nurses and doctors serving on the ship.

The Chief Medical Officer typically worked in the Chief Medical Officer's Office in Sick Bay. However, Chief Medical Officer was one of the most frequently appointed members of away missions due to their medical expertise.

The Chief Medical Officer had the unique power to relieve any officer of command, even those of higher rank such as the captain, in the extraordinary event of mental or physical unfitness.[2]

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  • Unlike most senior staff which worked on the ship's Bridge, the Chief Medical Officer worked almost exclusively in Sick Bay.

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