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This subject matter was never named by a canonical source. However, for the purposes of identification and clarity, the term Chog homeworld has been provisionally adopted by the Wiki.

The homeworld of the Chog is a distant, inhabited world. Once a verdant place, the planet became an unforgiving desert after an event known as the 'Calamity.'

Around the year 2320, most life was inadvertently extinguished by the BCV Burton when the ship crash-landed on the planet's surface. The Chog people are one of the few remaining life forms.[1]

In mid-2420, the Planetary Union began a three-year project to terraform the planet.[1]


Prior to the Calamity, the planet was alive with grass and trees, and water was on the ground.[1]

Today, little life remains save for the Chogs and a scorpion-like species observed walking through the wreck of the Burton.[1]



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