Coja was a child trainee aboard the Krill destroyer Yakar. Since the events of Krill, he is either under the custody of the Planetary Union or returned to his own Krill people.


Coja was a student in Teleya's class. After "Chris" and "Devon" had boarded the Yakar, they were brought to see the students to recount their experiences in battle against the Humans before they took their leave.

A curious Coja however followed them to the quarters where he asked several questions on Human religion and biology. "Chris" began to explain before he became distracted and promised Coja they would finish the discussion later. By the time Mercer and Malloy had initated a plan to use UV lights to destroy the Krill, Coja had not yet returned to his classroom forcing Mercer to find him and return him there.

After the Planetary Union had captured the Yakar, and killed all the adults on board (save Teleya), Mercer made arrangements for all the children to be returned to the Krill homeworld.


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