The Davoro'kos (Krillain: "bringer of blood") is a Krill destroyer commanded by an unnamed captain. In the year 2421, the Davoro'kos rendezvouses with the USS Orville in orbit over Tarazed 3 to sign the Lak'vai Pact of Tarazed 3.

The Davoro'kos also pursues the terrorists Orrin and Leyna Channing at this same time.

History Edit

After the Battle of Earth in late 2420 or early 2421, a ceasefire was achieved between the Krill and the Planetary Union. A month later, the Krill sent Ambassador K.T.Z. with the Davoro'kos to Tarazed 3 to sign a Lak'vai pact in contemplation of possible treaty negotiations. While the success of a lak'vai is briefly jeopardized when Captain Ed Mercer of the Orville protects Orrin and Leyna Channing from arrest pending an investigation, the problem is ultimately resolved and the Lak'vai Pact is signed.

Pursuit of Orrin and Leyna Channing Edit

At the same time, the Davoro'kos pursues a Krill shuttle captured by Orrin and Leyna Channing to the Tarazed 3. Orrin Channing is a Human former prisoner of the Krill, while Leyna is a pseudonym of an Envall who has an unstated personal vendetta against the Krill. Together, the pair had destroyed several Krill destroyers both before and after the ceasefire in violation of Union law. The mission concluded when the Orville arrests Leyna and Orrin is killed in an explosion.

Personnel Edit

List of known personnel:

  • Ambassador K.T.Z.
  • Unnamed captain
  • Unnamed high priest
  • Unnamed detachment officer

Appearances Edit

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