Sargus correction

Lewis is taken to be corrected.

The Department of Corrections is a law enforcement agency on the planet Sargus 4. The department oversees the planet's voting system, arrests, apology tours, and the radical neurological procedure called Social Correction. According to the episode credits, department police officers are called Policemen, apology tour guards are called Guards, and prison guards are called Detention Guards.

Apology Tour Edit

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Department of Corrections Policemen arrest any Sargun who amasses more than one million downvotes, public votes of disapproval, on their Vote Badge. Arrestees are held in a detention center by Detention Guards, where the arrestees meet wtih a Publicity Officer and begin their apology tour. Guards accompany arrestees through their apology tour.

Z Chambers Edit

After a week, the arrestee is subject to a Final Vote, wherein a subject awaits the final vote tally of their tour, in a Z Chamber. When in use, a Department Z Chamber consists of a readjustment chair, a supervisor, the arrestee, the Publicity Officer, and Guards.

History Edit

Department of Correction officers guard Tom and Lewis, two undercover Planetary Union anthropologists, through their apology tours, subsequent Final Vote, and Lewis's Social Correction. Tom attempts to flee before correction begins; the officers shoot and kill him.

While on Sargus 4 searching for the whereabouts of Tom and Lewis, Lieutenant John LaMarr of the USS Orville accrues over one million downvotes, considered a crime against the State. Corrections officers arrest and detain LaMarr for up to a week. Later, still an arrestee, LaMarr goes on his apology tour, flanked by officers.

At the end of the episode, the Department of Corrections seats LaMarr in a Social Correction chair and await the results of the Final Vote. LaMarr receives fewer than 10 million downvotes, which means that he is spared the fate of neurological adjustment.

Trivia Edit

  • Arrestees wear orange jumpsuits with the words "Department of Corrections" in English on the back.

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