Oh, of course it's a Derek.🔈ℹ︎Ed Mercer[1]

Doctor Derek Ashton was a lab technician and Krill informant who joined the Epsilon Science Station in 2418. Prior to his death in 2419, he worked on research regarding a time-accelerating device.


A ground team from the USS Orville arrives at the Epsilon Science Station at the behest of the facility chief, Doctor Aronov. Aronov is aware that the Krill military is interested in their research on time-acceleration, but is unsure of specifics and requests the security of the Orville.

With the Orville in orbit, Ashton senses that the window of opportunity to secure the device for the Krill is closing quickly. He summons a Krill destroyer and attempts to hold the facility hostage in exchange for the device. He fails, however, and is killed during the ensuing raid by the Krill.


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