Dirk Rogers is an American make-up artist on The Orville. He also portrays a variety of alien creatures on the show: the scientist Samm, an alien bartender on the USS Orville, a Krill guard in the episode Krill.


The OrvilleEdit

Rogers joined The Orville's make-up department in 2016. Howard Berger, the make-up department head for Season 1, used Rogers as a template for experimental alien creature designs. For that reason, Rogers often appears in the show for background characters.

In November, 2016, dressed Dirk Rogers as Lieutenant Dann and presented him to Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane was impressed and the character Dann was born: "Oh, my God. I love this character. I'm going to write this character into the script."[1]

Initially, MacFarlane wanted Rogers to play Dann but Berger wanted his co-worker free to work on new design prototypes. Actor Mike Henry was cast in his place, although Rogers appeared as an alien scientist named Samm of the same species in the pilot episode.[1]

Rogers later made an appearance as Alien Bartender in the episode Command Performance and as a Krill guard in the episode Krill.


  • Rogers is the only actor in The Orville to portray three separate characters.

References Edit

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