Drenala Kitan is the Xelayan wife of Ildis Kitan and mother of Alara Kitan, Chief of Security aboard the USS Orville.


In March, 2420, Alara calls her parents to discuss whether she had an experience in her life that gave rise to her fear of fire. Drenala recalls that in late 2396 or early 2397, Drenala fell asleep in the living room of their home while cradling her eight-month-old daughter. A power surge from the generator sparked a fire in the kitchen. With the flames encircling the two, Alara's crying woke Drenala, "almost as if [she was] screaming" that they were in danger. Drenala escaped through the window with Alara. Drenala rarely spoke of the incident because the memory upset her.[1]


Drenala, like her husband, appears disappointed with his daughter's decision to join the Planetary Union's military as opposed to getting an education on Xelaya. When Alara appears traumatized from a devastating fire in the Orville, she chides her daughter, saying she knew the risks when she joined. Nonetheless, she still loves and supports whatever Alara decides to do with her life, even if it is considered less reputable by the standards of Xelayan culture.[1]



  • Molly Hagan, who plays Drenala, had a role as Eris in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Jem'Hadar."


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