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This subject matter was never named by a canonical source. However, for the purposes of identification and clarity, the term Habitable Moon has been provisionally adopted by the Wiki.

The Habitable Moon refers to a satellite orbiting a gas giant planet encountered by the USS Orville in the episode Into the Fold.


The moon is home to an unnamed species. During a war between members of the species, a group dumped a weaponized toxin known as polloxus into the water supply, infecting a majority of the inhabitants. Most died from infection; however, some of those infected did not die but suffered significant facial disfigurement.

In the aftermath of the plague, the available food supply dwindled and the few infected survivors resorted to cannibalism. A survivalist named Drogen prepared for the catastrophe and lived in a bunker stockpiled with food and weapons.

When their shuttlecraft was sucked into a spatial anomaly, Isaac, Doctor Claire Finn, and her two sons Marcus and Ty, were forced to crash land on the moon.

Commander Kelly Grayson insists that the Planetary Union should return to the moon at some point in the future to distribute a cure and help re-establish a society among the native people.

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