Safe travels, Captain.🔈ℹ︎— Halsey to Ed Mercer[1]
Halsey was a Human Admiral in the Planetary Union. He held a desk position at Planetary Union Central in New York City on Earth.

Halsey was one of the most important leaders among human admirals. He commanded the USS Spruance in the landmark Battle of Earth, and he served as a representative from Earth to the Planetary Union Council during the crisis over The Sanctuary.

He is portrayed by Victor Garber.


Darden and Halsey

Halsey entrusts Darden with the Anhkana.

Very little is known of Halsey's past, although early in his career he worked alongside Kelly Grayson's father and were close friends.[2]

Halsey mentored Ed Mercer during the latter's days as a student at Union Point.[2]

2419 Edit

In September 2419, on Kelly's strong recommendation, Halsey gave Ed command of the USS Orville in spite of his recent history of irresponsible behavior after divorcing Kelly. Halsey gave Ed a chance because of his stellar academic record and resume prior to the divorce. Halsey also quietly transferred Kelly to the Orville as his new First Officer. Though Ed complained, Halsey required the two to work together.[2]

After Ed obtained a partial copy of the Anhkana, the Krill bible, from the Krill destroyer Yakar, Halsey tasked Doctor Darden, a xenoanthropologist, with studying it.[3]

2420 Edit

In February 2420, Halsey sent the Orville to host ambassadors of the Bruidians and the Navarians, as well as a Union archaeologist who would examine the Lopovian birthing bucket to determine which species has a claim to Lopovius.[4]

In April, however, Halsey and Kelly's secret slipped out that the Admiral only granted Ed captaincy thanks to Kelly's recommendation. Halsey insisted that the reason he was originally promoted was irrelevant because Mercer had proven that he had the talent and the skills necessary to successfully lead a Union ship. Halsey's words offered little consolation and Ed ended the call on a dour note.[5]

2421 Edit

Battle of Earth Edit

In the early winter of 2421, Halsey authorized the Orville to return its Kaylon Science and Engineering Officer, Isaac, to his home world of Kaylon 1. Halsey hoped that the Kaylon could be persuaded to join the Union against the Krill. The Kaylon seized the Orville upon arrival and sent a war armada to Earth.[6]

Halsey received advance warning of the attack through his adjutant and ordered the entire Union Fleet to Earth. Halsey commanded the USS Spruance in the ensuing Battle of Earth. His ship lost main power early on and was forced to retreat.[7]

After the battle, Halsey wanted a kill-switch installed on Isaac in case he turned again, but Ed and Kelly insist that would only repeat past mistakes related to the Kaylon's creators. The Admiral begrudgingly let Ed take full responsibility for Isaac in the future.[7]

Debate over The Sanctuary Edit

Halsey and Ed represented Earth at the Planetary Union Council's debate over whether to recognize The Sanctuary as a sovereign state. When the Council was not in session, Halsey oversaw private deliberations the human admirals Ozawa, Tucker, and Perry.

Production Edit

Admiral Halsey is described merely as a fleet admiral in his mid-50s in the original pilot script.[8] The character's age was likely lifted during casting as Victor Garber was either 67 or 68 while filming.

Trivia Edit

  • Halsey may be named after the real-life Admiral Halsey, William Halsey Jr., who commanded the US South Pacific Fleet from the flagships USS Enterprise and USS Missouri during World War II, and was the last officer appointed to the rank of Fleet Admiral.


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