The heavy cruiser Olympia alongside the mid-level craft Orville.

The Orville's only midsize. You should see the heavy cruisers.🔈ℹ︎Alara Kitan[1]
Heavy cruiser refers to the largest vessels in the Planetary Union fleet.

Ed Mercer's teachers at Union Point predicted that he would be captain of a heavy cruiser before age 40. His first command, however, would be the mid-level USS Orville. Reviewing the credentials of chief medical officer Claire Finn, Mercer noted that she could be posted on a heavy cruiser, however, Dr. Finn chose to join the Orville as she believed she was better needed by him.

Admiral Ozawa commanded a Leviathan-class heavy cruiser, USS Olympia, which dwarfed the Orville.

When Sargas 4 native Lysella expressed her awe at the size of the Orville, Alara Kitan revealed to her that it was only medium sized and that even larger heavy cruisers existed.


References Edit

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