Nurse Henry Park is a Medical Officer and Lieutenant on board the USS Orville. He works under Doctor Claire Finn

Nurse Park earns a special commendation in early 2420 for his work to bring a temporary peace to the Navarian-Bruidian conflict


Around January, 2420, Nurse Park helps Isaac search the Union Medical Database for an antidote to Darulio's pheromone without success. As tensions between the Bruidian and Navarian threaten to end in violence, he creates a "souped-up" version of the pheromones and embeds them in the Bruidian ambassador's sweat glands. He coyly tricks the ambassadors to shake hands, causing the two men to fall in love.[1]

Later, he accompanies Darulio and Alara Kitan to the Bridge when the ambassadors call off their fleets. For the achievement, Captain Ed Mercer places a special commendation on his record.[2]

In August 2420, Henry assists Claire save Bortus' life after Klyden stabs him in the chest by administering Benoctaline and sonic defibrillation.[3]

Simulated Henry Park Edit

A simulated version of Henry is stored in the Environmental Simulator and used in a program by Alara to confront her deepest fears. When an evil, simulated version of Claire nearly tortures Alara in Sick Bay, virtual Park attempts to free her, but is shot and killed by Finn.[4]


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