Well, look at that. Your planet's greatest writer is a female.Kelly Grayson to Advocate Kagus[1]
Heveena is a female Moclan and novelist. She achieved fame as the greatest writer in Moclan history under the pseudonym "Gondus Elden." She lives in seclusion in the mountains of Moclus.

History Edit

When Heveena was born her parents made the decision to forego the sex reassignment surgery typically performed on Moclans who are born female. A nearly all-male species, Moclans view female Moclans as frail and biologically aberrant. The family lived by themselves in a home in the mountains, raising Heveena free of the public shame of her sex.

After her parents died, Heveena remained in her parents' home. She wrote novels under the alias Gondus Elden. Moclans adored her writings, unaware that Elden was in fact a woman.

During the trial of Topa, she testified on behalf of the plaintiff to allow Bortus and Klyden's child to remain female. At the close of trial, she revealed herself as Gondus Elden.

Writings Edit

Several fragments of Heveena's writings have been revealed:

  • "The blackest abyss is a pock in the flesh when one has gazed in solitude upon the infinity of self."
  • "Between soul and sacrifice beats the heart of civilization."

Production Edit

Heveena Ed Alara John

Heveena's dwelling is a mountain cave.

Heveena is protrayed by actress Rena Owen, who originally auditioned for the role of Doctor Claire Finn in the pilot. Luckily, the casting department remembered Owen and she was called back to audition for the role of Heveena instead.[2]


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