Gordon Krill morph

Malloy switching off his holographic generator.

A holographic generator, also holographic emitter, is a device that projects an image onto a light field. The Planetary Union and the Calivon utilize holographic generators to manufacture disguises capable of evading detection by both bioscanners and the naked eye, and thus are more useful than cloaks, which cannot fool scanners.

The Planetary Union acquired holographic generation technology from the Calivon around early October, 2419, by reverse-engineering a captured holographic-generating buoy.[1]


A hologram are projected by a generator onto a light field. While little is known of the device, it seems to vary in size according to its purpose. A Calivon generator that projects the USS Blériot from a buoy is quite large;[1] a Union generator that projects a Krill soldier disguise onto a person can be held in the hand, and is called a "miniature" generator by Helmsman Gordon Malloy.[2] Holographic projection is sensitive to strong electromagnetic forces.


Command Performance Edit

A Calivon buoy projects the Blériot to trick Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson into entering the buoy.

Later, Engineering reverse-engineers the generator to disguise a shuttle as a Calivon ship to rescue Ed and Kelly.


Small holographic generators are made by Science Officer Isaac for Ed and Gordon, allowing them to appear as Krill and infiltrate the Krill destroyer Yakar.


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