I am so proud. So very proud that you are my daughter. And I'm so sorry that you got me for a father.— Ildis to Alara[1]
Ildis Kitan is a Xelayan university professor. He is the husband of Drenala Kitan and father of Alara Kitan, the Chief of Security aboard the USS Orville.

Ildis considers his daughter to be "intellectually deficient" and Humans to be "the hillbillies of the galaxy" because of their reverence for the military.[2] Typical of Xelayan culture, he esteems scientific labors and thinks of the military as a necessary, but unrewarding pursuit.


In March, 2420, Alara calls her parents to discuss whether she had an experience in her life that gave rise to her fear of fire. They discuss it, but the conversation eventually turns to her career in the Planetary Union, where Ildis urges Alara to return to Xelaya and pursue a degree. Even though he considers her mentally slower than average Xelayans, he continues, "Just because you're a little slow doesn't mean you can't get there if you work hard enough. A lot of intellectually deficient people find a place for themselves here."[2]


Ildis, like his wife, appears disappointed with his daughter's decision to join the Union's military as opposed to getting an education on Xelaya. Nonetheless, he still loves and supports whatever Alara decides to do with her life, even if it is considered less reputable by the standards of Xelayan culture.



  • Robert Picardo, who plays Ildis, is also known for his role as The Doctor in the sci-fi series Star Trek: Voyager.


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