[U]nless we encounter help, we are doomed to drift indefinitely. For space is vast and very dark and very lonely.🔈ℹ︎— Jahavus Dorahl[1]
Jahavus Dorahl was a captain of the Dorahl bioship. After the ship's engines were irreparably damaged, Dorahl took the passengers inside the ship's artificial ecosystem. Over the next 2,000 years, Dorahl was deified and worshiped by subsequent generations as a god.


Roughly 2,000 years ago, the people of a planet located in a relatively isolated pocket of space built a special bioship designed to colonize another world after an estimated three generations' travel. It is unknown if Jahavus Dorahl was the ship's first commander or was part of a later generation.

Years into their journey, a plasma storm damaged the ship's engines. The ship then adrift in space, the crew was forced to live within their own artificial ecosystem until help arrived. Before taking the people into the ecosystem permanently, Dorahl left a recording on the Bridge explaining the history of the ship and their plight.

Dorahl led the community from within the ecosystem until his death. Over the years, the inhabitants forgot their origins and the technology of the ship. Dorahl passed from memory as a ship captain to become a god.

The USS Orville finds the bioship adrift in space in early November 2419, most of its systems offline. An exploratory team enters the bioship where they learn that the "Word of Dorahl" is followed religiously. Belief is violently enforced by the government, led by Hamelac. Science and Engineering Officer Isaac rediscovers Dorahl's recording and the truth of the bioship is known once again.



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