Janel Tyler is a cover identity designed by the Krill soldier, and former school teacher, Teleya. During Teleya's period as Janel Tyler, Tyler is a Human Lieutenant Science Officer and dark matter cartographer serving in the Planetary Union.

Creation of "Janel Tyler"Edit

After Teleya escaped prison in Union space, she joined the Krill military. The military and she designed the persona of Janel Tyler to be an ideal Union officer.[1]

Tyler claims she has been an "explorer at heart" since she was a kid.[1]

Career Edit

It is not known how Teleya infiltrated the Union, but by mid-2420, Janel worked "mostly on science vessels and outposts," including on Outpost 58.[2]

She successfully transfers to the USS Orville in August to serve as its new dark matter cartographer, fulfilling her childhood dream visit uncharted species and contact new species.[2]


Janel takes a deep liking to her work on dark matter. Showing a great interest in checking out everything the Orville has on the subject immediately after entering the vessel for the first time. Even when Gordon Malloy attempts to get her attention by starting a conversation, Janel shows almost complete indifference to him focusing all of her attention on the Orville's dark matter maps. When she isn't working Janel has shown a romantic side, going out of her way to socialize with Captain Ed Mercer during Bortus' Ja'loja and eventually dating him. Their relationship had been described by Mercer as being very intimate and loving.

Production Edit

The name of the character underwent several changes. In the original draft, Tyler's name was "Janet Miller."[3] A Fox press release from late December listed her name as "Janel Gillis," which may be an error or reflect a later draft name.[4]


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