Joseph is the most out-of-the-box guy ever.Howard Berger[1]
Joseph Porro is a costume designer and artist who helped draw multiple costumes and characters used in The Orville.


Joseph Porro has been working in the entertainment industry as a fashion designer for over twenty years. Working on infamous projects such as Super Mario Bros., Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Godzilla, Stuart Little, and the television Ghost Whisperer.

The OrvilleEdit

Porro described his work methodology: "The way to do it is the way you approach a period show, but you ask, ‘What’s the planet? What’s the planet surface like? What is this alien culture like?’ It’s nonstop sketches.'"[2]

He finds more unusual costumes easier to design, while the Planetary Union's uniforms are very difficult and subject to constant revisions between seasons.[3]

For Union uniforms, Porro recalled: "I came in saying, 'If I was 14 years old, what would be the coolest uniforms I could wear?' I was doing lots of unusual cuts that no one's ever seen before and [MacFarlane] had to talk me back into a much more simpler design."[4]


  • Both he and makeup artist Howard Berger got their first job on the same show: Neon Maniacs.[3]

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