Kelvic man

A Kelvic male confronting Alara Kitan.

Kelvic refers to a region on the planet Sargus 4, to the people of that region who form a distinctive Sargun ethnic group, and to the Kelvic language. Kelvic culture is considered traditional and separate from "mainstream" Sargun culture seen in the episode Majority Rule.

Region Edit

Nothing is known of the Kelvic homeland on Sargus 4, aside from the fact that it is not the same location visited by Planetary Union agents.

Ethnic group Edit

Kelvic Sarguns are a cultural group that exist alongside the rest of the populace on the planet. They may be any skin color: a white-skinned Kelvic man is seen in a coffee shop and Lieutenant John LaMarr is mistaken for Kelvic.

One identified item of traditional Kelvic culture is the nefolo, a high-topped, brimless headpiece. Kelvic heritage is fiercely guarded by other Kelvic people, and wearing Kelvic attire by non-Kelvic people is considered culturally taboo.

Kelvic language Edit

Kelvic Sarguns speak a language known simply as Kelvic, which is either a different language or dialect from whatever standardized tongue is spoken by the people of Sargus 4.



Alara Kitan covering her Xelayan ridges with traditional Kelvic headwear

Before landing on Sargus 4 with other USS Orville crewmembers, Lieutenant Alara Kitan dons a nefolo to hide her Xelayan forehead ridges.

Later, when in a coffee shop on the planet, Kitan is approached by a Kelvic man who recognizes that she is not Kelvic. He demands she remove it lest he upload a video of her to the Master Feed.

In the same episode, LaMarr's Publicity Officer Willks notes how John is an unusual first name name and asks if it is Kelvic.


  • How the man knew Alara was not of Kelvic ancestry is unknown. She displayed no obvious physical differences to him, as they both (appeared) to be caucasian humanoids with an average height & build.

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