Kemka is an inhabitant and Reformer on board the Dorahl Bioship. After the overthrow of Hamelac from power, Kemka assumes command of the vessel on its journey to colonize a new world.


After explaining the status of the Dorahl Bioship to Tomilin, he leads Captain Mercer, Isaac, and Doctor Finn to a nearby house where Kemka resides. He offers the Orville crew food and he explains he is part of the "Reformers", a group who believe that there is more to the "known world" then what they see and wish to overthrow their current leader Hamelac, who deems them heretics for asking such questions. Ed Mercer soon after receives a distress call from Lieutenant Alara Kitan who says that she was shot by two police and needs help soon. The crew find her and Doctor Finn uses a Dermoscanner to heal her wounds. They figure out Commander Grayson had been kidnapped by the officers and taken to the capital as a hostage.

Kemka and Tomilin dress Ed, Claire, and Alara in Dorahlian attire and enter the main building where Kelly is being interrogated. Ed stuns Hamelac with a PM-44 and with the repressive government now defunct, Kemka proceeds to show them a door the Reformers discovered. They all walk through it and go into an elevator which leads to a control room, Kemka being one of the first Dorahlians to witness the outer space surrounding their home world. They proceed to find a recording of Jahavus Dorahl who explains the true nature of his Bioship.


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