Krill torturer

A Krill officer wielding a torture device.

I am capable of causing you great pain, captain.Krill captain[1]
A torture device is used by the Krill in the interrogation of their prisoners.

This device is not always used; while interrogating Gordon Malloy aboard the Yakar, Captain Haros used his knife to stab the Union officer in the leg.[2]


Janel tortured

"Janel Tyler" is tortured by a Krill.

A hand-held rod-shaped instrument, the Krill torture device is capable of inflicting up to nine levels of pain. According to a Krill captain, a Krill can survive up to Level 8, while humans are less resilient. As Ed Mercer saw it put to use against "Janel Tyler", the torture device was applied to the left side of the neck, and seemingly caused her excruciating pain. However, as Janel was later revealed to be a Krill disguised as a human in a deception targeted at Ed, the authenticity of this experience remains unclear. It is curious to note that the area of skin to which the torture device had been applied displayed no signs of bruising, burning or any other form of damage immediately afterward.[3]


Ed under duress

Ed faces a Krill torture device.

After the Union shuttlecraft ECV-197-4 was captured by a Krill destroyer, Ed Mercer and "Janel Tyler" were taken to separate brigs. The Krill captain, seeking Ed's command codes which could be used to access Union deployment strategies via the shuttle's computer, had one of his men threaten him with a torture device. Ed, however, claimed that he did not have the clearance for that level of classified information, as he was not a Fleet Admiral. At this point, the captain had a viewer link opened, enabling Ed to see Janel, seated in a brig where a Krill officer stood by with a torture device. Pressing Ed for the codes, the captain claimed that a Krill can survive up to Level 8 of torture, though humans are less resilient. The captain then had his officer subject Janel to Level 6, seemingly causing her intense pain, observing that the sight itself was torture for Ed as well. Finally, just as the captain gave the order for Level 9, Ed called out a set of codes.

Later, however, it became apparent that "Janel Tyler" was actually Teleya, a Krill that had been disguised as a human to deceive Ed. In turn, Ed revealed that the codes he gave to the captain were decoys that he claimed would have taken the Krill weeks to figure out.[4]




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