That was always Lewis. Nose buried so deep in his work, he never had a clue what was going on around him.Claire Finn[1]
Lewis is a Human former anthropologist in the Planetary Union. Alongside fellow anthropologist Tom, Lewis worked on Sargus 4 posing as a native Sargun until he was neurologically readjusted. He now resides somewhere within Union space.

History Edit

Lewis began a career in the Planetary Union as a civilian anthropologist. His scientific studies often led to him work beside Doctor Claire Finn, and the two became close friends.

In 2419, Lewis and Tom were part of a two-man anthropological team to covertly study the people of Sargus 4, a world notable for its parallel cultural development with Earth. They reported to the Union that they successfully integrated into society and had acquired a residence on Kappala Street. They sent several interesting images of Sargun culture before communications died.

Early into their assignment, Lewis and Tom were photographed failing to offer their bus seat to a pregnant woman. The photo was uploaded to the Master Feed and they received over one million downvotes, enough to trigger a mandatory apology tour.

As part of their tour, Lewis and Tom appear on a live morning talk show, The Breakfast Show, and apologize for a crime against society. Their apologies were not enough, and both were sentenced to "Social Correction," a neurological readjustment similar in effect to a frontal lobotomy. Tom was killed by Department of Corrections guards while attempting to flee. Lewis was adjusted.

One month later, the USS Orville is assigned to search for the pair. The crew learns that Lewis and Tom broke contact with the Union one month ago, and an undercover rescue team is formed. Claire, Alara Kitan, and the native Sargun, Lysella, discover Lewis sitting in his home. The readjustment had damaged his brain, and he lost his personality. The team brings Lewis aboard the Orville, where Claire confirms that his damage is irreversible.


Lewis was described by Doctor Claire Finn as being very absent minded, focusing so intensely on his work that he would be largely unaware of the world around him. After being sent to Sargus 4 to study the planet's primitive culture this character flaw became detrimental to Lewis and his co-worker, Tom. As they were heavily downvoted and eventually lobotomized for not allowing a pregnant woman to take his seat on a bus.

Production Edit

Little information has come about revealing the development of the character, relative to others. Actor Loren Lester discussed Lewis only briefly in an interview in preparation for the episode's premiere, stating only that Lewis is an anthropologist "who gets into trouble, and that's all I can say."[2]

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