Union Fleet Lieutenant's shoulder bars.

Lieutenants serve on space-faring vessels, space stations, or in departments on planets. Lieutenant ranks below Lieutenant Commander and above Ensign.

Lieutenants serve as small-section leaders within departments or even as chiefs of departments, developing their skills for future command. They are responsible for the performance of Ensigns, the junior most officers.


Strictly speaking, most if not all Union officers of a higher rank seen would have been Lieutenants. The following are those who are definitively seen as such.




  • Kelly Grayson: Held the rank of Lieutenant circa 2414. Was temporally displaced seven years in the future to the Orville, where she was temporarily posted before being returned to her own time. Eventually promoted to the rank of Commander by September 2419, when she joined the Orville as First Officer.[21]
  • Henry Park: Serves in Sick Bay as a nurse aboard the Orville.[22]
  • Palovis: Attends to the plants aboard the Orville.[23]
  • "Janel Tyler": Assigned to the Orville as dark matter cartographer in late 2420.[24] Later revealed to be Teleya, a Krill infiltrator; returned to her people.[25]



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