Liz Heldens (legal name: Elizabeth Heldens) is an executive producer and writer for the first season of The Orville, writing the episode Cupid's Dagger.

Heldens left The Orville in early May 2018, but is retained as a part-time consultant for Season 2.

Background Edit

Growing up, Heldens was a fan of science fiction television, especially Star Trek: The Next Generation, though she stopped following the genre in later life.[1]

She worked for Universal Television for eight years, writing for NBC projects Mercy and Deception.

The Orville Edit

Creator Seth MacFarlane was interested in adding Heldens to the writing team expressly because her lack of a background in science fiction could add maturity to the show,[1] and in early June, 2016, she signed a two-year contract with Fox to work as a writer and producer for the show. Jonnie Davis, the President of Creative Affairs at Fox, celebrated Heldens' hiring, saying:

Liz began her career [here] over a decade ago, and we couldn’t be happier she’s returning under an overall deal. She’s a fantastic, soulful, gifted writer who has the unique dexterity to write both comedy and drama, often in the same scene.[2]
Heldens left The Orville at the start of May 2018 to jumpstart her own show, The Passage.[3] At the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer David A. Goodman said that though Heldens was not working full time with The Orville, she plays a consulting role.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • She credits The Orville for reigniting her passion for The Next Generation-style science fiction.[1]

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