Lopovius is a planet inhabited by the Bruidians and Navarians. The Bruidian and Navarian peoples have inhabited Lopovius for at least 30,000 years, both descending from a common ancestor that originally lived on the planet.

Description Edit

Lopovius is a reddish, dark planet dotted with settlements belonging to the Navarians and Bruidians. From the view of the USS Orville and USS Olympia (SCV-183) in orbit, it seems that Lopovius has at least two satellite moons, though they may simply be nearby planets.

The planet sits at the border of Planetary Union territory, neighboring several Union member planets. Its close proximity is a chief concern of the Union admiralty, which worries that bloodshed could draw in its members planets that were allied with the Navarians and Bruidians.


Thousands of years ago the natives of Lopovius evolved into two different species known as the Bruidians and Navarians. Knowledge of their common ancestor was lost and the two species became fierce rivals.

By the early 25th century, both species claiming to be the one "true" native species and the other an invading force, and waged a protracted, bloody war known as the Navarian-Bruidian conflict. The neighboring Planetary Union had worked to a peace agreement for years with minimal success.

In 2419, archaeologists discovered a Lopovian birthing bucket believed to be from the first inhabitants of the planet. Navarian and Bruidian governments allowed Union scientists to analyze the artifact as a neutral third party, and agreed that if any genetic material recovered from the bucket could be linked to Navarians or Bruidians, it would serve as a rightful claim to the world. Union forensic archaeologist Darulio analyzed the bucket and residual genetic material recovered from inside and discovered that the first peoples were a common ancestor to both species.


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