Maxine Morris is the head of the hair department on The Orville.

Background Edit

Maxine Morris is known for her work on multiple television series such as Scream, Justified, and Entourage before working on The Orville.

The Orville Edit

Morris joined at the start of the first season but is credited only beginning with the second episode, Command Performance. Immediately after she was hired, Morris recruited a hair department team, and worked under then make-up department head Howard Berger to design the hair for aliens and crewmembers. She transitioned characters throughout the season through a variety of hair styles, especially Kelly Grayson and Penny Johnson Jerald.[1]

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  • "Space and Beyond" - An article on designing the looks of characters written in tandem with Berger

References Edit

  1. Berger, Howard & Maxine Morris. "Space and Beyond". The Artisan. 2018.
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