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One particularly valuable piece of medical equipment is the dermoscanner.

The following is medical equipment used by the Planetary Union or other civilizations. In the Union, medical equipment is used primarily by Medical Officer, although other officers have limited access to some devices such as the dermoscanner.[1]

Planetary Union Edit

Medscanner Edit

Medscanner Orrin

Dr. Finn performs a scan on Orrin Channing.

A medscanner is a instrumental tailored for medical diagnostic purposes.

Dermoscanner Edit

That's a pretty nasty cut you have there. ... I can use this to make it better.Kelly Grayson, on the dermoscanner[2]
dermoscanner is a medical instrument capable of healing cuts and abrasions. The device is small, hand-held, and of a shape similar to an infrared thermometer. Officially, use of the device within the Union is restricted to medical personnel, however that restriction is not strictly followed, as Commander Kelly Grayson is easily able to acquire one from Doctor Claire Finn.

Bullet extraction

The Foreign Object Retractor extracts a bullet from Alara Kitan's chest

Foreign Object Retractor Edit

The Foreign Object Retractor is a hand-held device used to safely extract material from inside a living organism. The retractor is standard issue medical equipment on away missions. It uses a small beam, similar to a Tractor Beam, to extract objects from flesh. It is normally carried inside a Medical Kit. Retraction is often preferable to an invasive surgery.

Mass tissue regenerator

Gordon Malloy regrows his leg under a Mass Tissue Regenerator

Mass Tissue Regenerator Edit

The Mass Tissue Regenerator is a large medical device used to regrow limbs, organs, and tissue on a living organism. The Regenerator attaches to a Union Sick Bay examination table. Three scanning screens cover the Regenerator, monitoring and reporting information on the patient. Often, regrowth of a lost limb is easier than surgical reattachment, though it may take several days at least.

Sonic defibrillation

Sonic defibrillation of a Moclan heart.

The Mass Tissue Regenerator can be used for serious emergency procedures as well, such as treating acute trauma to the chest, where it can control or increase metabolic support. Metabolic support is measured by levels, with one identified level being "eight."[3]

In the event of cardiac arrest, the Mass Tissue Regenerator is capable of defibrillation by sound waves, a technique called sonic defibrillation.[3]

Medical Kit Edit


Doctor Claire Finn of the USS Orville totes a Medical Kit.

Medical Kit is a small carrying case of essential medical equipment carried by medical officers on away missions. The kit is worn by a shoulder-strap and hangs by the hip. It contains a dermoscanner, a multijector, a Foreign Object Retractor, and the officer's comscanner.

Multijector Edit

It's medical science, baby. With this, I can accelerate plasma regeneration, have her back on her feet in no time.Claire Finn, while using the Multijector[4]
Multijector is an essential piece of medical equipment used on away missions by medical officers. The multijector is particularly versatile: it can heal wounds, resculpt physical features, apply medical stimulants, or treat the body of poisons.

The Multijector is stored in an officer's Medical Kit. The device is long and tubular. Its top is hollow where a medical cartridge may be inserted. Liquid from the cartridge enters a transfer chamber then sent by the sensory delivery system to the base of the device. A laser at the head vaporizes the liquid into a gas, which is injected directly into patients via a hypo.

The laser itself is powered by a power cell stored at the top of the device, encircling any inserted medical cartridge.

There are four basic medical cartridges:

  • Quad stimulant: A red liquid designed to revive exhausted patients and minimize exhaustion.
  • DNA sculptor: A yellow liquid that when applied to the skin, layers of flesh become temporarily pliable and moldable. It can also rearrange DNA so the patient may be altered physically.
  • Omni Toxic Neutralizer: A green liquid that temporarily inhibits the effects of toxins on the body.
  • Nano fiber: A clear liquid that brings bisected flesh together for accelerated healing.

Follicle stimulator Edit

Follicle stimulator

Dr. Finn stimulates Bortus' upper lip.

A follicle stimulator is a handheld device capable of inducing rapid hair growth. As Moclans do not grow facial hair naturally, Dr. Finn applied a follicle stimulator to Bortus' upper lip so he would grow the mustache he requested. Dr. Finn told Bortus that he would have his mustache within an hour and, indeed, he appeared on the bridge with the completed mustache soon after.[5]

Electron hypodermic Edit

Finn injection

Dr. Finn ready to perform injections.

An electron hypodermic is a device which is used to extract blood, replacing primitive needles.[6]

This device is analogous to the hypospray of Star Trek.

Other equipment Edit

Twenty milligrams of Benoctaline is used in the emergency treatment of Bortus' stab wound.[3] Nurse Henry Park applies Benoctaline with a multijector.

Production Edit

Bullet contained

The Foreign Object Retractor with a bullet extracted from Alara Kitan

Foreign Object Retractor Edit

The Foreign Object Retractor is frequently confused as a dermoscanner, though the two are distinct. A description of the Retractor is printed in the The World of the Orville: "The Foreign Object Retractor is a hand-held device that can cleanly remove projectiles or shrapnel from the body without surgery."[7]

Mass Tissue Regenerator Edit

A concept sketch of the Regenerator, probably by creator Seth MacFarlane, is reprinted in The World of the Orville, which is nearly identical to its final form. The book states that regrowth takes "several hours to complete," but this seems incorrect, as the several days seem to pass from the time Isaac removes Gordon's leg to when Isaac joins Gordon in Sick Bay to when Pria attempts to commandeer the ship.[7]

Medical Kit Edit

The original Medical Kit was simply a drop-down case with a couple of devices inside. However, propmaster Bryan Rodgers found it displeasing to the eye, and changed the design to a metallic case. He later commented, "Knowing that we had stylization [on the show], it was important to me for even the case to look cool."[8] Rodgers also widened the kit to contain the four devices seen in the show.

Multijector Edit

The device's schematics and a description of the four medical cartridges are reprinted in The World of the Orville.[8]

Trivia Edit

Dermoscanner healing

A dermoscanner in action.

  • The prefix "dermo-" in dermoscanner implies that the device is used only to heal contusions of the skin. However, the device must be capable of healing significant wounds as well. Finn is able to heal a very deep bullet wound using the device.
    • According to actress Adrianne Palicki, the intended applicability of the dermoscanner is greater than what is observed in the first season's retinue of episodes: "It not only heals your skin, but if you disfigure your face, it will put it right back."[9]
  • The drug Benoctaline is not real, but does sound similar to the antihistamine Benocten, which may have served as the inspiration for the fictitious medicine.
  • Because the Benoctaline is reddish, it may be a quad stimulant, although this does not seem to be the context in which Henry uses it.

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Follicle stimulator Edit

Electron hypodermicEdit

References Edit

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