The Mess Hall was a common dining room within Planetary Union spacecraft where the majority of the crew ate, drank, or relaxed.

Description[edit | edit source]

On the USS Orville, the center of the Mess Hall held the largest tables, meant to seat up to six or more crew members. The tables were wooden until August 2420, when they were replaced with artificial self-lit ones. There were ramps leading to sections of both the left and right sides containing smaller, two person tables as well as a large window to view the cosmos outside.

At the starboard side was a bar staffed by a rotating string of bartenders, including Olix. A record player sat against the wall by the bar which Olix had installed in the late July or early August of 2420.[n 1]

The starboard side of the hall had Food Synthesizers.

The room was decorated with various flora to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

History[edit | edit source]

After making the decision to listen to Admiral Tucker and not pursue Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson, Alara relaxes in the Mess Hall while John LaMarr and Gordon Malloy express disapproval over her decision. Alara, sympathizing with their points announced to all the everyone there that she's going to disregard what the Admiral has requested and will go save Ed and Kelly anyway.[1]

Kelly expresses outrage to Captain Mercer over Bortus' desire to have Topa undergo gender reassignment surgery while sitting in the Mess Hall.[2]

Senior and junior officers take part in karaoke in the Mess Hall.

In the winter of 2420, the crew plays karaoke in the Mess Hall.[3]

The crew of the Orville holds a farewell party for Chief Engineer Steve Newton. At the same party, Navigator John LaMarr and Helmsman Gordon Malloy play a prank on Lieutenant Yaphit and Second Officer Bortus by hiding a piece of Yaphit's gelatinous body in some of the food, which Bortus eats.[4]

Ed and Kelly agree to start dating while sharing a drink in the Mess Hall and drink heavily that night. Kelly breaks up with him several weeks later in the Mess Hall.[5]

Kelly approaches Ed in his dream.

A few weeks later, Ed dreams that he is sat alone in the Mess Hall watching the stars over a drink. Kelly enters, tells him that she no longer cares if a relationship would jeopardize his command and their friendship, and kisses him passionately. An alarm sounds and Ed wakes up alone in his room.[6]

When the ship is docked on Kaylon 1, the crew gather in the Mess Hall where a farewell party is thrown for Isaac, including a cake and a song performed by Gordon.[7]

Within the Mess Hall, Talla and Kelly present the pelpifa, a Xelayan musical instrument, to "Leyna Channing". Also present is Dann, who is having a drink by himself when he witnesses Talla play the pelpifa, which he comments is "really pretty".[8]

While they are addicted to old Earth cigarettes, Bortus and Klyden smoke together in the Mess Hall, where they agree to get Topa a latchkum for their upcoming birthday. Receiving numerous complaints regarding the smoke, the couple are confined to quarters by Talla.[9]

As the Union Council deliberates over the issue of the Moclan female sanctuary, which threatens to take Moclus out of the Union, Bortus has a drink alone at the Mess Hall before Kelly joins him. Klyden arrives and tells Bortus that he must contemplate the possibility that they will be returning to Moclus; Bortus suggestst that that would please Klyden as he rebukes his mate for his prejudice against females. The moment is interrupted when Talla alerts Kelly to a Moclan advance on the colony.[10]

At the Mess Hall, Ed, Kelly and Gordon tell Talla about when the former were a couple. After they leave for the night, Kelly's thoughts of that time led the Aronov device to extract a version of herself from seven years ago, who is admitted to the crew as a Lieutenant while they work to return her to her own time. During her stay, Commander Grayson walks into the Mess Hall as Lieutenant Grayson tells Gordon, John and Talla about her time at Union Point, much to her embarassment.[11]

In an alternate timeline, Ed and Kelly share a bottle in the Mess Hall after recovering the derelict Orville from Earth. Whilst there they discuss John's plan to access Isaac's consciousness and use it to send Claire back in time to restore the timeline before discussing their potential future together should the plan not work.[12]

Production[edit | edit source]

Production designer Stephen J. Lineweaver led the creation of the Mess Hall, though the actual architectural plans were crafted by set designer Eugene Adamov. The room was originally called the Commissary.[13]

The Mess Hall tables used in Season 2 were made by Richard Anthony.[14]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Olix states that he installed the gramophone one week before the events of Episode 1: Old Wounds. See Timeline.

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