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Norm Macdonald was a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer. He voiced the crew member Yaphit on The Orville, and appeared on screen as Yaphit's simulated-human avatar in the episode A Happy Refrain.

Macdonald passed away on September 14, 2021 after a nine-year private battle with cancer.[2]


The Orville[]

From the outset of the show, creator Seth MacFarlane wanted "utterly non-human" aliens for the show to more realistically portray futuristic, sentient life.[3] "It's a sci-fi show," he explained in July 2017. "And budgetary constraints mandate that sci-fi characters be humanoid. But if you talk to physicists they'll tell you, 'It's most likely nothing will look like a human if we find life in space.'"[3] MacFarlane sketched the character of Yaphit on paper, which was fleshed out by Howard Berger. The sketch became "a CGI character that is essentially a gelatinous blob with a sloppy mouth hole,"[4] and they needed a voice actor for the role.

Casting Norm Macdonald as Yaphit was remarkably easy and, it appears, without auditions. MacFarlane called Macdonald and asked, "Norm, you want to be a blob?" To which Macdonald replied, "Hell yeah, I'll be a blob."[5] MacFarlane called the casting process a "ten-second phone call" with Macdonald.[6]

During shoots, propmaster Bryan Rodgers placed a model of Yaphit with a microphone on stage[7][8] while MacDonald spoke his lines from a corner of the studio to the actors.[9]

Macdonald died on September 14, 2021 of cancer,[10] after filming of Season 3 had concluded but in the middle of its post-production, leaving Yaphit's status uncertain.


  • He spells his name with a lowercase 'd'
  • Seth insisted Norm appear in the studio to voice his lines rather than record them remotely because he believed the acting performance improves when the actor is immersed in the show's environment.[11]
  • He attended the same college as director Jon Cassar separated by one year.[12]

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