Your heart is full of the days we did. That's what you take with you.Hallan Theece's last words to her husband.[1]
Nyxians were a subterranean species that formally inhabited the planet of Nyxia before its ultimate destruction. Only a small number of Nyxians survived, having been rescued by the USS Orville.



Nyxia days before its destruction

The Nyxian people originally lived on the surface of their world in a complex society led by a First Minister.

The Nyxians had only primitive technology, such as "old school" short-wave communications,[2] and were incapable interstellar travel, although they did have stores of artificially manufactured dysonium ore. Nyxian scientists only speculated that interstellar travel was possible.

Around the year 2320, Nyxian scientists realized that as their sun died, it would engulf and destroy Nyxia, and the people took refuge underground in large subterranean structures. Nyxians stockpiled radiation suits to protect them from their sun's rays.

The final First Minister of the Nyxian people on their planet was Hallan Theece.

Rescue Edit

Around August 2420, the Orville's scanners discovered a pocket of the final Nyxian survivors mere days before the planet's destruction. By that point, only 75 Nyxians remained. Because the planet's break-up accelerated unexpectedly, the Orville was only able to save 30 Nyxians. The survivors were selected by lottery.

Notable Nyxians Edit

  • Hallan Theece - First Minister of the Nyxians
  • Altox - Hallan's husband, and one of the 30 survivors
  • Nathius - Daughter of Hallan and Altox, and one of the 30 survivors




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