Who's Ock'or? The big guy to your left.Lurenek to Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson[1]
Ock'or is a member of an unknown species who is said to have been at the Calivon Zoo for 31 years.


Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson are captured by the Calivon and forced into an exhibit at the Calivon Zoo. Fellow prisoner Lurenek demonstrates to Mercer and Grayson that there is no freedom from the zoo by showing them Ock'or.

Little is known about Ock'or or his species, other than that he has been imprisoned by the Calivon for 31 years, longer than any other identified exhibit.

Production Edit

Ock'or's size is in fact a trick of forced perspective. An average sized man in costume gave the impression of tremendous height by placing him an undersized zoo cell. Visual Effects Artist Howard Berger later reflected:

[W]e modified this giant bear suit we had and I had one of my guys, Carey Jones, play the creature. We did a big monster head and it has a little flavor of Where the Wild Things Are and it has a cable-operated mouth.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Ock'or is noticeably larger than any other species encountered by the USS Orville thus far.
  • The actor who portrayed Ock'or, Jones, is one of the show's Visual Effects Artists. He is not credited but his identity is revealed in the book The World of the Orville.


References Edit

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