The PM-57R Long Range Plasma Rifle is a single, two-handed plasma weapon used by Planetary Union personnel in the early 25th century.

At least nine PM-57Rs are stored in the armory of the USS Orville.

Description Edit

The PM-57R measures 33 inches in length with an extended barrel with a foregrip below and a scope attachment above. The trigger grip is similar to the pistol grip of the PM-44.[1]


Kelly and Bortus with plasma rifles

Kelly and Bortus wielding plasma rifles.

On the Sanctuary world, Commander Kelly Grayson and Lieutenant Commander Bortus wield plasma rifles as they fight alongside a breakaway colony of Moclans against Moclan Fleet warriors sent to take them back to Moclus. Ultimately, the battle ends with a ceasefire as the Union reaches an agreement with Heveena and Moclus.[2]

In an alternate timeline where the Kaylon won the Battle of Earth, plasma rifles are among the arsenal of Alara Kitan's resistance base, and are used by the rebels when they are attacked by the Kaylon.[3]

Production Edit


Design by Lex Cassar.

The PM-57R was designed by senior concept designer Lex Cassar and property master Bryan Rodgers under the working title of "PM-57R Longbow" as a combat rifle for the Union in Season 2.[4] The gun design was "a nod to the large phaser rifles of [the Star Trek film] First Contact," and meant to give the Union a weapon "for drawn out, mid to long range fights."[5]

Rodgers posted an early concept sketch of the PM-57R to his Twitter.[1]

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