Planetary Union Central.

Planetary Union Central was the headquarters of the Planetary Union located in New York City on Earth.

The principle organ of Union Central was the Planetary Union Council, which issued declarative rulings by vote.

History[edit | edit source]

The Union Council meets at Union Central.

Captain Mercer meeting Admiral Halsey in the latter's office at Planetary Union Central.

The Planetary Union was founded sometime before the 25th century. Though the current command of the Union was on Earth, it was unclear who the original founders were or their species. Planetary Union Central was established as the operating building for the Union.

Union Central was the hub of the Planetary Union, a skyscraper abutting Central Park in New York City. Desk admirals commanded a retinue of officers and communicate with the fleet in space through messages. Fleet officers kept Union Central apprised through reports filed after incidents.[n 1]

Messages could be encoded for security[1] or for marked high or low priority.[2]

Union Central operated a database of files of Union personnel, including academic records and aptitude ratings.[3]

Union Central also served as host for the Planetary Union Council, composed of representatives from the numerous worlds of the Union. Petitions for the Council were filed at Union Central.[4]

Production[edit | edit source]

For shots of New York City from the perspective of the windows of Union Central's offices, digital effects company FuseFX and visual effects supervisor Tommy Tran created a digital matte painting of the city inside the window pane, "brought to life using CG [computer graphics] ships and CG pods - lots of air traffic." Tran continued,

It's just a flat, two-dimensional painting of a million buildings - or 600 or whatever number we ended up with. Then we added small nuances, such as moving water, clouds, little ships, little taxis, little transports here and there just to draw the eye to some sort of movement that made our matte painting come alive.[5]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Captain Ed Mercer files a report at the end of New Dimensions. Ed says that Union Central will want to be kept apprised of the multiphasic planet in Mad Idolatry.

References[edit | edit source]

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