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The Planetary Union Network: The Orville Official Fan Podcast (also PUN) is the official podcast of The Orville and notable for its interviews with cast and crew. Created by Dan Taylor in early 2017, the Planetary Union Network is the oldest fan podcast. It provides a rare look at the production of the show, and, in some cases, offered glimpses into future episodes.

Currently, the Planetary Union Network is led by hosts Joe Quickle and Michael May, although previous hosts include Taylor, Joe's wife Megan, and director Jon Cassar. During the television season run, new podcast episodes come out on or before the Monday following new episodes of the series. When the series is on hiatus, new podcast episodes come out on Mondays as new content is available to discuss.

The Planetary Union Network became a favorite platform for The Orville's production crew during and after Season 1 to contact fans. As a result, the Network was first to announce many major news updates, including the episode title of Ja'loja, the Season 2 schedule,[1] and the Season 2 outtakes video,[2] ahead of traditional news outlets.

History Edit

The Orville Season 2 Gag Reel

The Orville Season 2 Gag Reel

The Planetary Union Network published this exclusive video of Season 2 outtakes compiled by the show's editors.

In February 2017, Dan Taylor caught wind of a new science fiction series created by Seth MacFarlane called The Orville; he learned of the name "Planetary Union" and caught a glimpse of the crest that would inspire the podcast's logo. By late June, Taylor recruited Joe Quickle as co-host, and the pair released a teaser for the show on July 22. Taylor and Quickle published their first broadcast as the "Planetary Union Network" on September 12, reviewing the pilot episode. Michael May joined as the third full-time co-host in October 1, just after If the Stars Should Appear aired.

Over the course of early April 2018, the Planetary Union Network held a March Madness-style poll of the first season for Orville fans, asking them to vote on their favorite episodes. The winner was Mad Idolatry, followed by About a Girl, and then Pria.

The Planetary Union Network announced that Taylor would be leaving the show to pursue other creative endeavors on July 30, 2018.[3]

The Planetary Union Network joined with La-La Land Records for the month of January 2019 to give away an album of The Orville: Original Television Soundtrack - Season 1 by contest.[4]

On February 12, 20th Century Fox announced by Twitter that the Planetary Union Network would be the official fan podcast for the show.[5] Quickle and May changed the name to its current form soon after.

Director Jon Cassar served as a special guest co-host for Episodes 32 and 33.

Episodes Edit

2017 Edit

Episode Description Air Date Notes
00 Teaser of the podcast. Available only on iTunes. July 22 Link
01 Review of Old Wounds. September 12 Link
02 Interview with actor Patrick Cox (Justin). Review of Command Performance. September 19 Link
03 Interview with Brett Rickaby (Lurenek). Review of About a Girl. September 24 Link
04 Michael May joins as co-host. Review of If the Stars Should Appear. October 1 Link
05 Taylor and Quickle interview Jonathan Frakes, director of that week's episode Pria. After, May joins to review the episode. October 8 Link
06 Interview with David A. Goodman, director of that week's episode Krill. October 14 Link
07 Interview with composer Bruce Broughton who scored the show's theme song and music for Old Wounds. Review of Majority Rule. October 30 Link
08 Interview with executive producer Brannon Braga. Review of Into the Fold. November 5 Link
09 Interview with Mark Jackson (Isaac). Review of Cupid's Dagger and discuss the upcoming book The World of the Orville. November 12 Link
10 Interview with Larry Joe Campbell (Steve Newton). Review of Firestorm. November 19 Link
Holiday special Interview with supervising producer and science consultant André Bormanis. November 21 Link
11 Interview with Scott Grimes (Gordon Malloy). Review of New Dimensions. December 3 Link
12 Review of Mad Idolatry with guest Patrick Cox. December 10 Link
13 Interview with wardrobe designer Joseph Porro. December 20 Link

2018 Edit

Episode Description Air Date Notes
14 Taylor, Quickle, and May discuss science fiction alternatives to The Orville. January 12 Link
15 Interview with Jeff Bond, author of The World of the Orville. January 22 Link
16 Interview with JP, creator of Talking the Orville and host of Egotastic Funtimes, reviewing their favorite episodes and the information about Season 2. February 26 Link
17 Interview with editors Tom Costantino, Scott Powell, Bart Rachmill, and Hillary Wills about working behind the scenes on the show. March 19 Link
18 Interview with Unit Production Manager Jason Roberts. April 19 Link
19 Interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Luke McDonald, Digital Effects Supervisor Brandon Fayette, and Visual Effects Producer Brooke Noska. May 23 Link
20 Interview with Season 1 make-up department head and Season 2 special make-up effects artist Howard Berger. June 17 Link
21 Discussion of The Orville after the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. Final episode with host Dan Taylor. July 24 Link
22 Interview with Rico E. Anderson (Moclan Doctor). November 29 Link
23 Interview with prop master Bryan Rodgers. December 6 Link
24 Review of Ja'loja. Discussion of future guests. December 31 Link

2019 Edit

Episode Description Air Date Notes
25 Interview with BJ Tanner (Marcus Finn). Review of Primal Urges and some content giveaways revealed. January 6 Link
26 Interview with director Jon Cassar. January 13 Link
27 Interview with composer Joel McNeely. Review of Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes. January 20 Link
28 Review of All the World is Birthday Cake. January 27 Link
29 Interview with Mark Jackson. Review of A Happy Refrain. February 2 Link
30 Interview with Peter Macon. February 13 Link
31 Interview with Jessica Szohr (Talla Keyali) and Kevin Daniels (Locar). February 16 Link
32 Interview with Kai Wener (Ty Finn). Director Jon Cassar co-hosts a discussion about Identity, Pt. 1. February 23 Link
33 Jon Cassar returns to talk about Identity, Pt. 2. March 2 Link
34 Review of Blood of Patriots. March 11 Link
35 Tom Costantino returns to discuss the Network's official partnership with the show and the episode Lasting Impressions. March 23 Link
36 Joe's wife Megan fills in for Michael May as co-host. Interview with director Jonathan Frakes. April 16 Link
37 Interview with Hillary Wills about Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. April 23 Link
38 Review of The Road Not Taken and Season 2. April 30 Link
39 Review of Season 1.5. October 22 Link
40 Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson. November 29 Link

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