Plasma Torpedoes

USS Orville firing her stern plasma torpedo launchers on a Krill ship.

Plasma Torpedoes are a particle weapon system used by ships of the Planetary Union, the Moclan Fleet, and the Krill.

In shuttlecraft, those of the Union do not possess torpedo launchers while those of the Krill do.[1]


Plasma torpedoes are an encapsulated bullet of highly energized particles called plasma, used to great effect in combat. The weapon consists of a linear, non-tracking missile. Though far more powerful than Plasma Cannons, the torpedoes are far less accurate.


Moclan torpedo hits Orville

A Moclan Battlecruiser firing a torpedo at the Orville.

In late 2419, the USS Orville discovers that their cannonfire is ineffective against the deflector screens of the Krill destroyer Kakov. Captain Ed Mercer tricks the Kakov into pursuing it through the atmosphere of Kastra 4, rendering the Kakov's sensors blind and making the destroyer a sitting duck. The Orville then freely launches the entire payload of plasma torpedoes on the ship, destroying it entirely.

In late 2420, during a test run of the Orville's upgraded deflector screens, a Moclan Battlecruiser strikes the Orville with a torpedo, despite the fact that Captain Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson had made an agreement with the Moclans beforehand to only use Plasma Cannons. Captain Rechik apologises for the mistake.[2]

During the Battle of Earth, Captain Mercer orders torpedoes launched at the maneuvering thrusters of five Kaylon Spheres headed for Earth.[3]

In light of the Kaylon attack, the Moclans propose a new round of weapons upgrades for all Union Fleet explorer-class vessels and above. Aboard the Orville, Captain Mercer observes a 20% increase in torpedo capacity.[4]



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