Willks, the Publicity Officer assigned to John LaMarr

Publicity Officers are individuals who give legal aid to those who receive over one million downvotes on Sargus 4, thus making their behavior a "crime against the State."[1]

Description Edit

If a Sargun receives over one million downvotes on their Vote Badge, they are taken into custody by the Department of Corrections, where the suspect is assigned a Publicity Officer to help with their apology tour. Similar to that of Lawyers on 21st century Earth, If the Officer fails to successfully gain the client more upvotes within the duration of Apology tour, their reputation is diminished in varying results.

History Edit

Majority Rule Edit

After John LaMarr is arrested he is assigned Willks as his Publicity Officer. LaMarr not being a native Sargun, has him explain the process to him before they proceed to go on their Apology tour with Commander Grayson.

Willks first course of action is to book LaMarr an interview on The Chat which goes terribly, resulting in him gaining more downvotes due to his lack of knowledge and Sargun culture, in particular Mella Giffendon.


References Edit

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