The Sarguns are a humanoid species native to the planet Sargus 4, their culture relies heavily on direct democracy and majority votes from their population.


Many years before the present the Sargun Mella Giffendon was responsible for many historic and revolutionary activities on Sargus 4. What exactly she did has never been revealed to the audience, but she is still a very well-known and well respected figure to most Sarguns.

In the modern era, Sarguns have developed a society based around direct democracy. Where every citizen is required by law to wear a Vote Badge with an up and down arrow, which can be pressed up if someone approves of them and down when they do not. Sarguns are allowed to be openly discriminated if they possess too large a downvote count, incarcerated if it exceeds one million, and socially corrected once it reaches ten million.


Sarguns are humanoid and look largely identical to humans and the Multiphasic Planet natives.


Since the Sarguns are that of a 21st century society, their technology, compared to Planetary Union is primitive. Much of the vehicles are identical to 21st century vehicles of Earth, as well as much of their weapons. Despite this, there are some aspects that are advanced, such as their vote badges, touchscreens and even communications technology.

Notable SargunsEdit

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