Sazeron was High Priest aboard the Yakar. He served as the highest religious authority on the ship and as an informal adviser to Captain Haros.

Sazeron died in late 2419 by exposure to fatal levels of UV radiation, the result of sabotage by Planetary Union undercover agents.


Sazeron comic

Sazeron at the Yakar's chapel.

In December, 2419, Sazeron greets two survivors of the destroyed Krill warship Kakov, Chris and Devon. Unbeknownst to him, the survivors are in fact undercover agents of the enemy Planetary Union, sent to make a copy of the holy text, the Anhkana.

Sazeron leads religious services for the crew. After, he returns to the chapel only to find Chris and Devon poring over the Anhkana. The two were secretly copying its pages, but tell Sazeron that they were reading the book for comfort. Sazeron begins to suspect that Chris and Devon are not whom they seem, and procures from Haros a special guard placed on them. His decision was wise. Sazeron and the guards discover Devon is in fact a Human spy and bring him to the Bridge to speak with Haros. Sazeron did not discover that Gordon hacked into the ship's computer and programmed the lighting system to emit levels of UV radiation fatal to Krill but not to Humans. Sazeron is killed along with most of the Yakar's crew minutes later.

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Trivia Edit

Kratok and the Sazeron

Captain Kratok with his Sazeron.

  • Sazeron's costume was exhibited at the FIDM Museum's gallery of television costume design from August 21 to October 6, 2018. It was the only time the costume's hood was drawn up.[1]
  • Curiously, while Sazeron is seemingly the given name of the late Krill priest,[2] another High Priest is later identified as "the Sazeron" aboard Kratok's battleship in The Word of Avis, Pt. 2.
    • It is possible that Sazeron may be the actual title of the priest, rather than the actual name.


References Edit

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