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Season 2.5 of The Orville consists of two comic-book episodes published by Dark Horse Comics: Artifacts and Digressions.

Chronologically, Season 2.5 takes place in mid-2421, between the finale of Season 2 and the premiere of Season 3, although significant portions of the stories take place in other years. The comics continue four previous issues released as Season 1.5.

The show's executive producer David A. Goodman returned as writer, while David Cabeza and Michael Atiyeh returned as inker and colorist respectively. According to Goodman, Season 2.5 has soft canonical value: facts introduced in the comic books establish the show's canon unless contradicted by the television episodes.[1]

Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall served as an informal coordinator between Goodman and the artists. The team continued Marshall's idea from Season 1.5 to make every episode release across two issues to give the comic-book run more of a television-length feel.[2]

In addition to the periodic release of the comics over 2020, the entire season was released in book form as The Orville Season 2.5: Launch Day. Two additional episodes, Digressions and Artifacts, were later released as The Orville Season 2.5: Digressions. All of these episodes were later compiled alongside the episodes from Season 1.5 in the compendium The Orville Library Edition Volume 1.


Season 2.5 was written by executive producer David A. Goodman who noted that the writing process had changed over the previous comics release: Season 1.5. That season had been published after Season 2 aired, allowing Goodman to tell stories connecting Seasons 1 and 2 together, such as how First Officer Kelly Grayson met Cassius. On the other hand, Season 2.5 would be released well before Season 3 would air, and Goodman was forced to write more restrictive stories to avoid spoilers.[2]

The season was drawn by artist David Cabeza. Goodman described movie stars to Cabeza to help him envision each character.[2] Cabeza found First Officer Kelly Grayson and Helmsman Gordon Malloy most difficult to draw while working on Season 1.5 and little changed for him in Season 2.5. "After a year working with these characters I still don’t find the way to draw them right."[3]

Season 2.5 was originally scheduled for release on June 3 but was delayed to September due to the Covid-19 pandemic.[4][5]


List of episodes
Count Season Issue Title Publication Date Notes
01 2.5 01 Launch Day, Pt. 1 September 2, 2020 -
The USS Orville is sent to intercept a Krill ship entering Planetary Union space and headed for a planet that seceded from the Union long ago. The Krill have discovered a large, moon-sized "construct" above the planet, and they intend to attack it.
2.5 02 Launch Day, Pt. 2 October 7, 2020 -
While Bortus faces a standoff against Krill, Gordon Malloy and John LaMarr look for clues aboard the space station. On the planet's surface, Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson investigate an impending "launch day" before time runs out.
02 2.5 03 Heroes, Pt. 1 November 4, 2020 -
Talla Keyali returns to a planet she visited as an ensign, only to find its once idyllic society transformed into a mining operation by the Nazh.
2.5 04 Heroes, Pt. 2 December 2, 2020 -
Talla, John LaMarr, and Claire Finn help the Okudum free themselves from slavery.
03 2.5 05 Digressions, Pt. 1 May 5, 2021 -
The issue follows the people who would have been on the Orville as they live completely unaware that their destinies were altered by Kelly's decision to reject Ed.
2.5 06 Digressions, Pt. 2 June 2, 2021 -
Still in an alternate timeline, Kelly races against time to prevent a looming Kaylon attack and the Planetary Union's defeat at the Battle of Earth.
04 2.5 07 Artifacts, Pt. 1 October 20, 2021 -
Ed meets his old astro-archaeology professor, who tells him that legends of the lost Zankon empire are true.
2.5 08 Artifacts, Pt. 2 November 24, 2021 -
Professor Lamarche has led the Orville into grave danger. Will the crew find a way to escape?

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