Second Officer Bortus.

Lieutenant Commander Bortus, our second officer.Captain Ed Mercer[1]

Second Officer was a commissioned officer position stationed aboard space-faring vessels in the Planetary Union and the Krill.

Within the Planetary Union, Second Officer was part of the Command section and open to officers with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. As third-in-command of a ship, Second Officer was above the section leaders (such as Chief Security Officer and Chief Medical Officer) and below First Officer. An officer was eligible for promotion to Second Officer after attaining the rank of Lieutenant and passing the Shipmaster Qualification Program. The Second Officer worked on the Bridge at a Computer station on the port side and in the Armory. (The ship's armory appears to be the responsibility of the Second Officer, at least in the case of Bortus aboard the USS Orville.[2][3])

Among the Krill, the Second Officer worked on the ship bridge. It ranked below First Officer and above the ordinary soldier.[4]

The equivalent position among the Kaylon was the Tertiary.

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