Gordon blows up

Gordon Malloy takes the Environmental Simulator portion of the Command Test.

You don't pass the Command Test overnight. It could take months.Kelly Grayson[1]
The Shipmaster Qualification Program, colloquially known as the Command Test, is an intensive training program designed to qualify an officer for a Command position within the Planetary Union.


Gordon psych test

Gordon undergoes a psychological evaluation.

According to First Officer Kelly Grayson, the Shipmaster Qualification Program consisted of a "tremendous" amount of training, including course work, Environmental Simulator tests, and medical and psychological evaluations. The program includes:

In one practice simulated test, a Krill captain demands the release of prisoners lest he destroy the ship. The goal is to find a single diplomatic solution without resorting to force. (The Krill ship is vastly more powerful and will destroy the test taker's vessel anyway.) The test is particularly difficult: the simulation pits the candidate at a disadvantage against a cunning adversary.




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